Tile Store in Bernardsville

Bernardsville’s historic district has many notable buildings to admire, including the former Old Stone Hotel, which has been around since 1849. The borough also has many older and historic homes that can benefit from updates. These updates can increase the housing price while still maintaining the historic charm.  Local homeowners who want to spruce up their residence starts from the flooring up. Local residents looking for tile shops in Bernardsville don’t need to go far to get to one of our Standard Tile showrooms in the area.

Comfortable, Heated Floors

Standard Tile offers more than bathroom and kitchen floor tile in Bernardsville. We also offer Warmup electric underfloor heating, which provides a constant flow of warmth as needed in homes. This floor heating system helps ensure that homeowners have cozy and comfortable floors to walk on at all times. Our team has the technical knowledge and skills to recommend the best-heated floors for homeowners in Bernardsville.

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Outstanding Tile Options for Bathrooms and Kitchens

Kitchen backsplashes, bathroom walls, shower stalls and other areas in these parts of your home can benefit from high-quality tile. Replacing aging tile with newer ones can give these areas in your Bernardsville home an instant upgrade and raise its value. Our Standard Tile store in East Hanover offers various styles and colors for just about any space, from kitchen and bathroom tile and more.

Visual Inspiration

Before heading to a tile store in Bernardsville or the surrounding area, keep in mind that you can get inspiration for your home from our online photo gallery. Browse through these photos to see how other customers have spruced up their homes with our stylish tile options. This can give you an idea of the tile design you want, so our tile experts can help you find what you’re looking for at our showroom.

Visit Our Tile Store Near Bernardsville

Standard Tile offers convenient showroom locations that aren’t far from Bernardsville. In fact, there are four showrooms located within 25 miles. Our East Hanover showroom is just 16 miles away from Bernardsville. To get there, take US-202 N to I-287 N, and take exit 39 to NJ-10 E in Hanover. Take NJ-10 E to NJ-10 W to reach our showroom at 316 NJ-10.


When you’re looking for Bernardsville New Jersey tile options for your home, our Standard Tile store in East Hanover provides these benefits:

  • Heated floor options
  • Variety of bathroom and kitchen tile designs
  • Tile design inspiration

For more information on high-quality bathroom and kitchen tile or other tile for your Bernardsville home, please contact us today.