Tile Store Near Perth Amboy

Perth Amboy’s thriving waterfront and charming downtown area make it a great place to call home. Whether you’ve settled into a contemporary house or one of the town’s historic Victorians, investing in new tile can provide your home with a new look. When you’re searching for a convenient tile store in Perth Amboy NJ, Standard Tile can help! 

Selecting the Best Tile for Perth Amboy Homes

Homeowners might feel overwhelmed trying to determine which tile is best for their home. Those who plan to visit bathroom tile stores in Perth Amboy NJ should note that Standard Tile offers virtual design options. Our virtual designer tool makes it easy to go through various styles to see which is most suitable for your home. You can also get expert assistance with choosing tile from our tile store near Perth Amboy.

High-Quality Wood Tile

Wood tile can add a rustic look to your home or give rooms a more elegant appearance. When you want to find wood tile to add a warm touch to your bedroom, dining room or kitchen floor in Perth Amboy NJ, our nearby Standard Tile showroom can help. Consider a richly colored wood floor for your bedroom or a lighter colored wood tile floor for your dining room. 

Custom Shower Tile, Backsplashes and More

Having the right style of backsplash in your kitchen or bathroom can instantly spruce up your home’s appearance. Standard Tile offers a variety of backsplashes and shower tiles for Perth Amboy homes for the perfect accent or base to an aesthetic. Thinking about patterned tile in your bathroom, or pastel colors to brighten your kitchen? We’ll make your tile dreams come true.


Those who are looking for tile shops in Perth Amboy NJ can get the following from Standard Tile:

  • Online design tools and in-person guidance in tile selection
  • Customized wood tiles for dining rooms, bedrooms and other areas
  • Outstanding quality backsplashes, shower tiles and more

Browse Our Tile Showroom Near Perth Amboy

With convenient locations close to Perth Amboy, you don’t have to travel far to find new tile for your home. Standard Tile has two showrooms located within 20 miles of the city. Our Edison showroom, which is closest to Perth Amboy, is roughly 10 miles away. You can get there by taking NJ-440 S to US-1 S toward Edison. Then, take Old Post Road, and make a left on US-1 N. You’ll see our Edison showroom located at 810 US-1 N just off of Wasko Road.

If you want to know more about our tile products near Perth Amboy, please contact us.