Visit our Tile Store in Summit NJ

Summit has a historic downtown district and notable historic buildings dating back to the 1700s and 1800s, such as the Carter House from 1741. Whether you’re in a newer or older home in the city, having new tile installed can significantly improve its value and visual appearance. When you want to explore your options at bathroom tile stores in Summit NJ, keep Standard Tile in mind. We’re located close to Summit, and we love tile talk!

Superior Interior Design

Knowing how to pick the perfect tile for your Summit home can be a challenge. Standard Tile offers expert guidance from tile professionals, along with an online virtual designer tool. You can use our online tool to see what kinds of options would suit your home best. Our experts are also available at our showrooms to help you decide on the best tile option.

Custom Tile for Every Living Area

Whether you’re looking for a new tile for your bathroom shower stall, kitchen backsplash or bedroom floor, Standard Tile has options available. We have a selection of top quality tiles in different styles, patterns and tones for every living area in your home. With our guidance, you can find the ideal tile to spruce up your Summit home. If you’re itching to try new trends — green tile, anyone? — we can help incorporate them into the look of your home.

Best Floor Tile Options Near Summit

Finding the best  floor tile in Summit NJ isn’t easy when you don’t know where to look. Before visiting your local Standard Tile showroom, check out our virtual designers. You can easily find the best floor tile pairings for your space and envision your new kitchen, bathroom or living room. Our experts can help you decide in person, which tiles best fit your needs. While a floor tile you selected in our room visualizer may have been your original choice, you may need a more durable tile, especially if you have small children or pets.  


Looking for tile shops in Summit NJ? At our closest Standard Tile showroom, we offer:

  • Virtual designer tool and other ways to assist in choosing the best tile
  • Custom tile designs for various living areas
  • High-quality options for floor tile

High-Quality Tile Store Near Summit

Standard Tile has several locations available around the Summit area, including two showrooms within 10 miles. When you need to search for a tile store in Summit NJ, visit our nearest showroom in East Hanover to see our latest selection of bathroom tile, kitchen tile and other tile options. Our East Hanover showroom is around 10 miles from Summit. To get there, take Locust Drive toward New England Avenue, then take JFK Parkway to Walnut Street. Make a left on NJ-10/W. Mt. Pleasant Avenue, and you’ll see our store at 316 NJ-10 #3595. 

Contact us to get more detailed information on our tile options for your home in Summit.