Color Spotlight: Red And Pink

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February 4, 2020
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March 9, 2020

Color Spotlight: Red And Pink


The month of February is filled with red and pink everywhere you look. From flowers and chocolate boxes to clothing, jewelry, and more, it’s hard to escape the colors of love. Even tile is available in red and pink, which are exceptional colors to feature in your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and other parts of your home all year long. These colors are warm and bright. They bring about a feeling of love and comfort. If you are wondering how to incorporate these color tile into your home, look no further than this blog. 

Shower Tile Ideas

While many showers typically feature blue and green tile, red and pink tile is just as appropriate for any shower or bathroom. You may think, “Oh-no! It’s the 50’s calling!” When you turn to our experts and select fresh, modern tile designs, we’re certain we can change your mind. Consider using bold red in your shower and pairing it with natural white and black accents. You can also spice up your bathroom with baby pinks that bring a soft tone and a touch of femininity to your personal oasis. 

Kitchen Backsplash Inspiration

Vino lovers can rejoice! Bring in the sweetness of roses and the tart color of reds into your kitchen with pink and red backsplashes. Even if you don’t enjoy wine, that doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate a beautiful backsplash. Red kitchen backsplashes are suitable for any home that enjoys a bold statement. While a red backsplash always pairs well with black and white, wood cabinets, gray accessories and complementary colors are pleasing to the eye as well. For those who enjoy being bright, fun and feminine, pink backsplashes are the best way to go. From soft, neutral baby pinks to hot, bright pinks, anyone can find the perfect pink tile at Standard Tile, if it isn’t available in our showroom, we can order it for you! 

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Warm, Red & Pink Tile Flooring

When it comes to tile flooring, you have an array of options to choose from. You can create bold patterns with just red and/or pink tile, or you can use accent colors on a neutral-colored floor. We offer inspirational room visualizers to help you identify what you enjoy. Are you more of a bold statement person or do you enjoy pops of color? When it comes to pink and red tile, it’s important to consider what is tasteful today and a few years from now. We want you to fall in love with the tile design you select for the long haul. With red tile, you can create a fun, retro floor that is accented with red specialty tiles such as ovals, diamonds, and triangles. If you are leaning more towards pink tile, you can use a light pink all over or you can incorporate pops of hot, bright pink throughout the floor. 

Contact Us 

When it comes to tile in New Jersey, we are the experts to trust because we have:

  • an entire inventory of red and pink tiles available for you to see and feel at our showrooms
  • a staff of experts who can help you find and identify the pink and/or red tile that fits your vision
  • past customer photos you can view to see if anything catches your eye

If you don’t already have an idea in mind – don’t fret. Simply ask our Standard Tile experts what is the best way to get started. Schedule an appointment to visit our showroom and we will be happy to answer any questions about the red and pink tiles we have available for your project. 


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