How to Use Tile Leveling Spacers

Having a beautiful, well-laid tile floor or wall with no lippage (an uneven surface) and consistent grout line spacing is no easy task. Unfortunately, we have seen many pictures and heard the horror stories of tile jobs gone wrong. With some tips from the Standard Tile team and the right tools for the job, you can be sure the job comes out looking like it was done by a certified tile installer.

A Flat Subfloor or Backerboard Is Crucial

There are many great tools on the market to help you install your tile but they are meant to be secondary to proper surface prep work. Floors that are not flat can be fixed using a variety of materials, but one of our favorites is the NXT Level by Laticrete. Walls should be plum and square prior to tiling. Use a waterproof backerboard like the Schluter Kerdi Panels for their lightweight properties and wet shim the wall studs to give yourself a perfect base to start your tile.

How to Level and Correctly Space Your Tile

Once the prep work is done the tile can be set with confidence. With some assistance from a tile leveling system like Progress Profiles Prolevel, you can achieve professional level results. This system is made up of 2 parts. The leveller and the rotating pommel cap. The leveler sits both under the tile and between them eliminating the need for a traditional spacer. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the layout you have chosen. The pommel cap is the piece that makes the magic happen. With minimal effort the pommel screws down over the leveller, pulling your tile flat with the pieces next to it.  

After your tile has been set for at least 24 hrs, you can remove the leveling spacers and pommel cap with ease. Simply kick the pommel in the direction of the grout joint and they snap off at the base. For more information on the Prolevel system please visit our website

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