MSI Tile Brickstone Taupe 5×10 NCAPTAUBRI5X10


Brickstone Taupe 5x10

MSI Tile
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MSI Tile Brickstone White 2×10 NCAPWHIBRI2X10
Brickstone White 2x10
MSI Tile Brickstone Red 5×10 NCAPREDBRI5X10
Brickstone Red 5x10
MSI Tile Brickstone Taupe 2×10 NCAPTAUBRI2X10
Brickstone Taupe 2x10
MSI Tile Brickstone Taupe 5×10 NCAPTAUBRI5X10
Brickstone Taupe 5x10
MSI Tile Brickstone Ivory 2×10 NCAPIVOBRI2X10
Brickstone Ivory 2x10
MSI Tile Brickstone Ivory 5×10 NCAPIVOBRI5X10
Brickstone Ivory 5x10
MSI Tile Brickstone Red 2×10 NCAPREDBRI2X10
Brickstone Red 2x10
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Product Attributes

ColorBrickstone Taupe 5x10
Size5" x 10"
Finish CoatingMatte
DescriptionFrom our Brickstone Collection, our 5x10 Taupe Porcelain Tile features warm beige and taupe tones in a pattern reminiscent of aged brick. These beautiful tiles are offered with a matte finish that allows the beautiful pattern to be the star. They are recommended for use in both residential and commercial properties and are suitable for projects including countertops, floors, accent walls, backsplashes, showers, and other features.