MSI Tile Tektile CrossHatch Gray NTEKCROGRA1224


CrossHatch Gray

MSI Tile
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MSI Tile Tektile Hopsack Gray NTEKHOPGRA1224
Hopsack Gray
MSI Tile Tektile Hopsack Ivory NTEKHOPIVO1224
Hopsack Ivory
MSI Tile Tektile Lineart Gray NTEKLINGRA1224
Lineart Gray
MSI Tile Tektile Lineart Ivory NTEKLINIVO1224
Lineart Ivory
MSI Tile Tektile CrossHatch Gray NTEKCROGRA1224
CrossHatch Gray
MSI Tile Tektile CrossHatch Ivory NTEKCROIVO1224
CrossHatch Ivory
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Product Attributes

ColorCrossHatch Gray
Size12" x 24"
Finish CoatingMatte
DescriptionCrosshatch Gray modern tile features a subtle fabric pattern reminiscent of fine linen in soft gray tones. This beautiful porcelain tile is suitable for a wide array of design projects including flooring, countertops, backsplashes, accent walls, shower surrounds, and other projects throughout homes and commercial properties. The matte finish and 12x24 dimension lends itself to contemporary and modern design and it coordinates beautifully with other tiles and slabs in MSI's inventory.