How to Add Pantone’s Color of the Year Very Peri in Your Home

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How to Add Pantone’s Color of the Year Very Peri in Your Home

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If you had to choose a color to represent the feeling of this very moment, what would you choose?

Each year, Pantone has the honor of selecting the color that will appear in our marketing, homes, and lives for a full 365-days. This year, they have selected the unique Veri Peri, an energetic periwinkle blue. Are you ready to embrace this sprightly hue and find ways to incorporate this color trend into your home design this year?

At Standard Tile, we’re color crazy. We like to think that we know a thing or two about how to bring the colors of the moment into gorgeous, evergreen home and bathroom designs. Are you ready to turn your favorite rooms into Veri Peri palaces that inspire relaxation, productivity, and a sense of fun?

Keep reading to learn more about the color of the year for 2022, as well as the trendiest ways to incorporate it into your home! When you’re ready to take the leap, give us a call at Standard Tile and we’ll make your design dreams a full-color reality! 

What Is The Pantone Color Of The Year?

You have probably heard of the Pantone company before. In essence, they provide color-matching services to brands. If you’ve ever noticed that a product or its packaging is the same exact color as a company’s logo, you might have Pantone to thank. 

Essentially, nobody knows more about color than Pantone. Each year, they choose a distinct hue to represent the feeling that the current moment inspires.

The color they choose says something about the unique times we’re living in. It tends to resonate pretty broadly, and you’ll begin seeing the color show up in home decor trends across the world. 

This year Pantone chose color 17-3938, otherwise known as Veri Peri. It’s a deep periwinkle shade somewhere in the blue family, with a hint of red that adds a cool, contemporary feeling. Pantone chose this color because it reflects the unique perspectives resulting from the paradigm shift and global zeitgeist that we’re all living through today. 

Best of all, Very Peri can bring a trendy pop of inspiring color to your home style and decor in 2022! 

What Can Veri Peri Do For Your Home and Mood?

Pantone places Veri Peri in the blue family. They claim it has all of the qualities we associate with the color blue, with novel red undertones that add a sense of joy. What does color psychology say about colors in the blue family?

If you add Veri Peri accents or decor to your home, your space will gain a sense of serenity. Blue has a reputation for being a calm, non-threatening color. There is also some evidence that blue can lead to productivity, so consider adding some Veri Peri to your office or workspace! 

Overall, blue is universally a beloved hue. You can’t go wrong when you add a pop of Veri Peri into any room in your home!

Veri Peri Home Decor Trends 2022

Looking to add some Very Peri energy into your home decor? We have plenty of ideas that can help inspire your next design upgrade. 

Embrace An Accent Wall

Though colors in the blue family inspire calm, the warm red undertones in Veri Peri add unexpected energy. While painting an entire room the color of the year may be tempting, you don’t want to overwhelm the senses. The best compromise is adding a Veri Peri accent wall to your space.

An accent wall can draw the eye and add a sense of dimension with a minimum of paint. In a room like a bathroom or a kitchen, you can manage the same effect with accent tile. It’s a low-commitment way to update a room.

Add A Pop Of Peri With Appliances

As soon as Pantone reveals the new color of the year, manufacturers across the world go into action to get ahead of the trend! You should already be able to find Veri Peri appliances for every room of your home, from stand mixers to box fans. Adding a few coordinating appliances adds a fresh pop of brightness without the need for a complete home makeover. 

Relax With Veri Peri Bedding

Though Veri Peri is a unique hue, it still possesses many of the relaxing qualities of any color in the blue family. As a result, it makes an excellent addition to bedroom decor. If you’re having trouble settling down for a night of sleep after a day of screens and socialization, a Veri Peri bedding upgrade might be the answer. 

Consider picking up a new comforter, duvet cover, or even a few accent pillows in this irresistible shade! Your room will look fresh, and you’ll have no problem drifting off in the comfort of your trendy new bedspread! 

Take It To The Tiles

Tile isn’t just for bathrooms anymore! From floor tiles to stunning backsplashes and accent features, gorgeous tile is taking over. You can be on the cutting edge in two domains by bringing Veri Peri tile into your home this year. 

Of course, a Veri Peri bathroom is another way to add a sense of fun and play to an otherwise utilitarian space! You spend a lot of time getting ready in your bathroom. Why not create an atmosphere that gets you excited to greet the day when you step inside first thing in the morning? 

The Trendy Tile That Will Transform Your Home Decor

If you’ve fallen in love with Veri Peri, why not bring this stunning shade into your home design and decor? At Standard Tile, we make it our goal to help make modern design dreams come true. Whether you’re looking for a few funky accent tiles or a complete bathroom makeover, we’ll handle the work so you can pick out those coordinating towels and bath mats!

If you’re ready to color your world, reach out today and schedule an appointment. We offer free design services that will turn your ideas into a technicolor reality.

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