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Brennero Venus

The Venus tile is a concentration of refined, classic and unique precious marbles. This mirror-polished porcelain stoneware comes in sizes 24×48, 24×24 and 12×24. It is both beautiful and majestic looking. It comes in various slabs that feature the splendor of real marble making any space feel luxurious. Today, vanguard ceramic technology makes it possible to capture the beauty of old-world Italy at its finest. Add old world class and romance to any setting with Brennero Venus. This beautiful tile comes in white, grey, blue, sand and Venus Visone and Sand. It also comes in each variation with the addition of gold. Easily mix and match colors and shapes with Brennero Venus tile. It can be used for both floors and walls for both residential and commercial settings. The Brennero Venus tile is also very durable. It can withstand heavy foot traffic and the test of time.