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Florida Tile “EcoScape”

Florida Tile’s Thicker Collection has a new name. It’s now called Ecoscape in order to better reflect its diverse purpose and many properties. Designed for outdoor use, these tiles are of high density. This gives them superior breaking strength and load capabilities. Not only are Ecoscape tiles also resistant to the natural elements that Mother Nature can bestow, but they are also very easy to install. This makes Ecoscape the ideal solution when an application requires a material that is high performing.

Made using the High Definition Porcelain (HDP) graphics, Florida Tile’s proprietary method, Ecoscape tiles look and feel the same as natural materials. What Ecoscape tiles don’t have is a high level of maintenance because they don’t have to be sealed in order to maintain their beauty and functionality.

The diversity of Ecoscape allows its 20mm tiles to be installed on virtually any substrate including gravel, a raised support system, grass and more. Garages, pool decks, parks and driveways are just a few of the applications that can benefit from the non-porous properties of Ecoscape.