Gazzini Marmo Bianco

Resembling the most expensive marble tiles available, Gazzini Marmo Bianco tiles are a sleek, beautiful addition to any room. A polished or matte finish makes these durable porcelain tiles easy to clean and gentle on the eyes.

You may have heard that marble isn’t the best product to place in high moisture areas, but with Gazzini Marmo Bianco, you can install a marble-like tile in any room of the house. Gazzini Marmo Bianco is best used perfect for backsplashes, bathrooms and Kitchen floors.

This tile comes in many styles, like basketweave, 3×6, 4×12, 12×12 and 12×24. There are matching trim pieces like bullnose and chair rails. This porcelain is super durable and can be put anywhere you would like the look of marble without the maintenance.