Warmup DCM Pro Peel and Stick Membrane – Tile Showroom in NJ – Best of Houzz

Proving that they continue to lead the industry in innovative solutions, Warmup introduced their Pro Peel and Stick version of their popular floor heating system. Tested by the Tile Council of North America (TCNA) and the market’s only UL-approved membrane system, DCM Pro Peel and Stick Membrane is designed to adhere directly to concrete and plywood subfloors with having to use thinset. Easy to use, this membrane makes flooring heating accessible to installers of all types. First, the membrane is cut to the right size before the film is peeled back. The membrane is then pressed onto the subfloor and will bond with 140 pounds of torque per square foot. This can save the installer up to 40 percent in materials and time. The cable is then fit in, allowing more contact between the cable and adhesive and delivering elevated heating outputs.