A Complete Guide to Incorporating Dimensional Tile Into Your Home

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A Complete Guide to Incorporating Dimensional Tile Into Your Home

3d ceramic tile

One of the most incredible tile trends 2019 brought to us, dimensional tile is popping up in creative and modern homes, and being used by interior designers across the globe. Dimensional tile is composed of 3 dimensional wall tiles, which transforms any 2D surface into a sculpture. Trying to make your home pop? Then a 3d tile backsplash may be perfect for you. Here are some of the most interesting places to put dimensional tiles in your home.

In the Kitchen: 3d Tile Backsplashes

3-dimensional tiles is both intricate and eye-catching. You don’t want to put dimensional tiles everywhere in your home; instead, you want to use them as accent pieces. Tile backsplashes are a great place to introduce dimensional tiles but do keep in mind that you need to keep 3d tile for walls clean. Choose dimensional tile that don’t have a lot of small nooks and crannies: focus on the ones that have larger, curved surfaces to make cleaning easier. Dimensional wall tile in a kitchen backsplash (or even under a counter) can elevate your space without overwhelming your senses.

3d tile backsplash

In the Bathroom: 3d Ceramic Tile Accents and Sinks 

In the bathroom, dimensional 3d subway tile, and 3d ceramic tile can be used as accent pieces, around baseboards, and near sinks. You might not want to use dimensional tiles all around your shower but adding an accent wall is a great way to add contrast and interest to your design. Bathroom tile trends in 2019, and the latest 3d wall tile bathroom trends are leaning towards bold colors and designs, and dimensional tiles fit right in with that rule.

3d tile backsplash

In the Living Room: Statement Wall

A large, statement wall is perfect for a living room installation. Take a single wall  in your living room and use brightly-colored 3D tiles along its surface. This eye-catching wall will serve as the center of visual interest within your home, which can then be offset by other designs throughout your living room. Reserving your 3D tiles to a statement wall means that you’ll be able to have all the benefits of this type of tile without a lot of maintenance: it’ll only be a single area to keep clean. This design works best in a home that is otherwise minimalist.

3d tile backsplash

3d tile backsplash

The Benefits and Drawbacks of 3 Dimensional Tiles

3 Dimensional tiles don’t just look dimensional; they actually are dimensional. That gives them a lot of visual interest, which can be used to offset an otherwise clean and modern room. This can greatly increase your home’s value, in addition to adding an interesting focal point and reducing the need for other decor. But there are some drawbacks to dimensional tile, too. Dimensional tile with a lot of crevices can be hard to clean in kitchens and bathrooms, especially around corners.

In addition, the reason dimensional tiles usually aren’t suitable for floors is because they provide an uneven surface. Dimensional wall tiles are more common due to this. An alternative to 3-dimensional tiles is encaustic tiles, which have designs and patterns on them but aren’t raised. 

  • Dimensional tiles are a new trend that can immediately make a room look dramatic and interesting.
  • Because Dimensional tiles are truly 3D, they can be more difficult to clean than other tile options. They are perfect for a single wall, dimensional tile backsplash, or another smaller amount of space.
  • 3D tiles can be used sparingly throughout your home to create visual interest and elevate your home’s overall quality.

There are many incredible wall and floor tile trends for 2019 to follow, many of which are an easy way to remodel and renew your home. If you need to update the look of your property with Dimensional tile or otherwise, take a look at the choices at Standard Tile.


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