Color Series: Pastel Tile

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March 23, 2020
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April 27, 2020

Color Series: Pastel Tile

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Pastel colors are the perfect way to welcome spring into your home. It is easy to incorporate pastel tile into any room in your home without sacrificing your current style and theme. With the wide array of colors that fall under the pastel category, you can find anything to fit your tastes, whether you lean towards pink, blue, yellow, green, or purple! There is a pastel tile for anyone and everyone’s style.

Create a Soft Base Color

The soft tones that pastels bring work perfectly as a base to begin any flooring, wall, shower, backsplash or other tile projects. Since the colors are muted and easy on the eyes, they can be incorporated anywhere. Pastel colors work well as kitchen tile or bathroom tile and in most smaller rooms. The colors create the illusion of open space with their lighter tones. They can easily be combined with softer decor to create a soothing space, or louder decoration to balance out the lighter base. Pastel tile is versatile and sustainable, making it the perfect base for your kitchen or bathroom. 

Calm, Serene Patterns

If you’re a fan of patterned tile, incorporating a pastel patterned tile is a simple way to add some personality to your home without overdoing it. Without any bright or neon tones, pastel tiles can be interchangeable with any neutral tiles in your home while maintaining a similar style. 

If abstract patterns are not up your alley, you can still create beautiful minimalist and geometric patterns with pastel tile. Plus, with the wide variety of shapes available at your nearest Standard Tile showroom, you can truly create a captivating tile pattern and bring your idea to fruition. With tiles offered in triangles, rectangles,  diamonds, stars, ovals, and more, you can be pretty in pastel tile all year.

Tile store , tiles stores near me , kitchen tile , bathroom tile

Combining and Contrasting

Pastel tile offers a beautiful soft base that meshes perfectly bolder colors, to create enticing contrasts. Blacks, whites and even bright colors can be used to create contrasting patterns and make your bathroom or kitchen entirely unique. You can cleverly create a combination of bold and pastel tiles to make your room look larger. Whatever your style, pastel tile can be used to enhance your tile design.

Pastel Takeaways 

Pastel tiles have been around for the past half-century, and they continue to make a comeback year after year. It is a beautiful color series you will not regret bringing into your home. No matter your design project or unique style, pastel tiles can accentuate anyone’s home. 

To quickly recap:

  • Pastel tiles create a beautiful base color that is not too harsh or bold.
  • The light, soft colors create a calm and serene space in your home.
  • Pops of bold, bright colored tile create beautiful contrasts against larger sections of pastel tile.

We have the largest inventory of tile and best tile designers at each of our tile store showrooms. We can help bring your pastel tile design to life, no matter the size of your budget. Check out our room visualizers to see how pastel tile will look in a specific room of your home or contact Standard Tile to learn how we can help you get started on your new tile project.

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