How Tile Color Can Affect Your Mood

Tile Color Can Affect Your Mood

Choosing the proper tile and design for your home can be complicated. This is because you have to take the rest of your decor into account, as well as your personal preferences and style. Moreover, tile colors can also play a major role in your mood. Although many people think of style as more of an aesthetic thing, the colors you choose can actually affect your mood and the mood and emotions of those around you. With that in mind, here is a closer look at how tile colors can affect your mood.

How Tile Color Can Affect Your Mood

If you are wondering how tile color can affect your mood, the following is an explanation of just that.

Red Tile

Red tile are a popular option for an accent element in your space. This is because red is a symbol of love, power, energy and much more. Therefore, it can help you raise your energy or feel more romantic. This can be an ideal tile color combination for your living room, bedroom and dining room.

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Yellow Tile

Yellow is a bright color that can help homes get a more positive vibe. It is a color that is associated with happiness, energy and intellectualism. If you are interested in creating a yellow color scheme in your home, you need to make sure you are choosing the right shade.

On the one hand, dull yellow tile can evoke negative sentiments such as jealousy and sickness. On the other hand, light pastel yellow tile can promote happiness and freshness, while bright yellow is a marker of optimism. Either way, yellow is often used in virtually any wall and floor tile color combination.

Green Tile

Green is a color known for promoting growth, harmony, fertility and more. It is great for anyone who wants to create an environment that promotes safety, security, growth and calmness. Green tile are often paired with wood tones to create an organic or natural aesthetic. Also, many white color schemes can be jazzed up by adding a few green tile and other decorative pieces.

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Purple Tile

Purple is a color well known for being regal, hence the color Royal Purple. However, it promotes creativity and luxury, and depending on the shade, it can be either vibrant or understated. For instance, neon purple is considered bolder and edgy, while African violet tile makes a home feel warm and cozy.

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Orange Tile

Orange is a color known for promoting liveliness and energy. It invokes emotions such as enthusiasm, success, creativity and more. Although it can be overwhelming when used for large applications, it is a great color for backsplash and tile accents. Either way, orange is another color in which the hue makes a major difference. In particular, the bolder and brighter the hue, the less of it you need.

Key Takeaways

  • Choosing tile for your home is about much more than just style; the tile you choose can actually affect your mood.
  • Red is one of the most prominent tile colors because it can help boost your mood, give you energy and more.
  • Other colors, such as purple, orange, green, etc., are also quite prominent for various reasons.

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