How to Use Tile in a Small Kitchen

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How to Use Tile in a Small Kitchen

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In a recent poll of homeowners across the country, researchers found that 24% were planning a kitchen renovation using ceramic or porcelain tile. 

It’s no secret that this material can transform any room, adding warmth, color, and visual interest. Even a small kitchen can stand out and take center stage when you know how to use tile the right way. 

There are some great interior design tips for working with a small kitchen. Check out how to best use tile to maximize the amount of your space and make a great impression. 

Go Big on the Floor

When you’re working with a small space, your first instinct might be to go small. But instead of laying penny tile on your floor, consider doing the opposite! Larger floor tiles in the kitchen will deliver the “wow” factor you’re looking for and trick the eye. 

When laid on a floor, large format tiles can make the room look longer and wider. On the other hand, smaller tiles can pull the room inward, making it seem smaller than it really is. Don’t be afraid to go big here but keep the color scheme light and neutral to enhance the airy appeal. 


Try a New Layout 

Backsplash tile can serve a functional and aesthetic purpose. Not only does it keep your kitchen walls free from spills and splatters, but it’s also a great spot to showcase your personality and decorating style!

If you keep your floors neutral, go ahead and play with color and pattern here. Embrace a bold shade that complements or contrasts with the colors of your kitchen island, cabinets, or walls. To make your small kitchen feel bigger, install the tile in a diagonal or herringbone pattern, rather than vertically or horizontally. 

This layout looks especially beautiful and modern with clean, classic subway tile! It puts a unique spin on a traditional favorite and looks just as good in a large space as in a small galley kitchen. 

White modern kitchen interior

Opt for Continuous Color

Once you’ve created a focal point on your small kitchen backsplash using a colorful, patterned wall tile, it’s time to think about the rest of the room. If you’re planning to lay tile anywhere else on your walls or floor, try to keep the look simple and streamlined. 

Lighter colors will make a small kitchen design seem spacious, especially if you opt for thin grout lines in the same color family. If you do gravitate toward more saturated colors, keep them bright! Light blue, sage green, and soft pink are all stunning, and add dimension to any small space. 

Help Your Small Kitchen Stand Out

You live a lot of life in your kitchen. You deserve a space that feels clean, calm, and comfortable. Tile is a great way to spruce up this room, especially if you’re planning a kitchen remodel.

Even a small kitchen can benefit from strategically placed tile designs! You don’t need a ton of square footage to make a great impression, so experiment with these ideas and find the look that works for you.  

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