How to Incorporate Patterned Tile into Your Bathroom

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How to Incorporate Patterned Tile into Your Bathroom

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You want your bathroom to reflect your personal style and personality. The simplest way to add some interest is with patterned tile! Patterned tile is one of the hottest trends right now. If that’s a design idea you have been considering, keep reading to learn how to incorporate these unique options into your bathroom.

Patterned Floor Tile

Most were trying to get rid of the checkerboard pattern that was popular in the 1970s. However, patterned floor tile is making a strong comeback. This doesn’t mean you have to incorporate loud ideas into your bathroom. In fact, you can create a beautiful patterned floor with subtle colors that look amazing but don’t make too much of a statement. If you let us know your vision, we can create it for you in a tasteful way. You can have an interesting tile floor that is relaxing and inviting at the same time.

Laying Patterned Floor Tile

When it comes to laying patterned floor tile, experts and DIYers can use a refresher on tips and tricks alike. Whether you want to hire a contractor or take on the task of completing the project on your own, our tile designers can help ensure it is a success. Standard Tile has all the materials you will need for the job. We can help you find the correct underlayment, setting material, spacers, tile cutter, grout and other essential supplies, to ensure you have success. We can even recommend personal products, such as knee pads, to help relieve any pain on your joints while you lay your new bathroom tile.

Tile Patterns for Showers

A hot shower after a long day is one of the greatest feelings. Combined with a beautiful design in your shower, you are sure to find your relaxing oasis once you step in your bathroom. Tile patterns for showers can be created to match any personality or style. Check out our past customer photos for inspiration. We can help create tile patterns for showers in every bathroom in your home. You can play it safe or have fun. Just let us know what you are thinking, and we will deliver.

patterned floor tiles , laying patterned floor tile , tile patterns for showers , tile pattern layouts

Tile Pattern Layouts

Tile pattern layouts are our tile designers’ expertise. Nothing makes their day more than creating a custom tile pattern layout that excites our customers. Whether you have an idea in mind or you need a little help, Standard Tile can assist you. Our bathroom visualizer will help to bring your vision to life and provide you an opportunity to play with the details.

From soft, light greens and blues that create serenity and warm, fun and modern designs, we will help you design tile pattern layout for your bathroom that matches your vision. We want you to come home to a bathroom that you are proud of. Whether you desire a DIY project or need professionals to come in and work their magic, we have the recommendations you desire.


When it comes to bathroom tile, Standard Tile is the company to trust. We have been industry leaders throughout the years because of our dedication to our customers and our exceptional team. We do everything we can to ensure your satisfaction. We can help you with:

  • How to lay patterned floor tile
  • Products and tools recommendations for DIY projects
  • Visualizer to view your patterned bathroom before starting

We want to help bring your patterned tile dreams to life. Contact us today to begin or visit one of our six showrooms! 

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