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Porcelain Tile

Porcelain is one of the most popular options on the market today. At Standard Tile, we're proud to offer an assortment of porcelain tile for our customers. We invite you to learn more about our offerings below. 


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Marble Look

The perfect blend of style & sophistication, marble look porcelain remains a sought-after option for homes. Offering that classic marble look but at a more reasonable price point, you'll be amazed at how great marble look tile functions within your home.

Marble Look Porcelain | Standard Tile

Concrete Look

Offering a sleek and sophisticated tile that can be installed in multiple areas of your home, concrete look porcelain is the ideal option for someone looking for a trend-setting tile that is both low maintenance and durable.

Concrete Look Porcelain | Standard Tile

Wood Look

A scholarly, classic look, wood look porcelain tile is an incredibly popular tile option for homeowners. Able to effectively work in most areas of a home, wood-look tile is an incredibly versatile and low maintenance choice for homeowners. Able to mimic the look of actual wood flooring, but at a lower price point, we know you're going to absolutely love wood look porcelain flooring in your home.

Wood Look Porcelain Tile | Standard Tile

Stone Look

An old staple, but nevertheless a good one, stone look porcelain tile has continued to be a very desirable tile option in homes for decades. A classic styling, stone look tile offers homeowners a solid, sturdy, and aesthetically appealing flooring option that is versatile enough to go in various parts of the home.

Stairway | Standard Tile




Shower Doors



Porcelain & You

While both porcelain and ceramic tile are great options for your home, there were some definite differences between these two tile options. Perhaps the most prominent difference is the way in which they are constructed. Both porcelain and ceramic tile are made from clay and then heated at high temperatures. However, porcelain is made from a slightly different clay mixture and is then heated at a higher temperature than ceramic. As a result of this, porcelain is a more durable tile and the preferred option for many homeowners looking for something that will age well within their homes. Though both will age better than most other flooring options. 

Porcelain Tile | Standard Tile



Porcelain tile is an absolutely wonderful flooring option for your home and one that boasts a variety of benefits, including:

  • Incredibly strong and durable
  • Resistant to cold weather and less likely to crack than other tile options
  • It's very low-maintenance and requires only basic broom sweeping to look great
  • Porcelain does not expand and contract like other tile options might
  • Porcelain is incredibly stylish and visually stunning
  • Porcelain tile is versatile. It can go in any room within your home, inside, outside, wherever you'd like it
  • It's easy to fix should damage occur


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