Interior Design Trends for 2022 & How to Achieve it with Tile

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Interior Design Trends for 2022 & How to Achieve it with Tile

Every year, trends change. New trends emerge and old trends slowly start to fade away. If you are looking to renovate or remodel your home, you may be looking for interior design trends of 2022. While there are numerous trends that are emerging, some of them pertain solely to tile, or you can use tile to help achieve the trend. Here are some of the things that are expected to be the hottest trends for 2022 that you can achieve with tile.

Nature Inspired Designs

If you are looking for new home interior design, one of the trends that is expected to be extremely popular in 2022 is nature-inspired designs. People enjoy spending their time in tranquil places outside, and you are going to see a lot of instances where the outdoors is brought indoors. Some of the ways that tile can be incorporated into nature-inspired designs is going to be through unique tile pieces, such as tile designed to look like wood or tile designed to look like pebbles. You will see a lot of nature-inspired designs in bathrooms, as they transform these spaces into spa-like retreats, but you will also see nature-inspired design in places like the living room or entryway.

Designs From Eco-Friendly Materials

Another common trend that you will see in new home design trends for 2022 are those that are made from eco-friendly materials. Some of the more common eco-friendly materials that are used throughout a home include elements such as recycled glass, and natural stone. These elements can be incorporated into tile which can be used in showers and bathtubs, as backsplashes or for flooring throughout a home. Eco-friendly materials help a person to reduce their carbon footprint and go as green as possible.

Floor Patterns

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When tile or hardwood floors are installed in a home, they are traditionally laid in a simple horizontal or vertical pattern. This is because these patterns are fastest, easiest and cheapest to install. However, one of the current interior design trends is to have more intricate floor patterns. This may be a herringbone pattern, a checkered-type pattern or other designs that can be created using one color of tile or multiple colors of tile. Flooring patterns can cost more and take more time to install, but they can add a lot of character and style to an otherwise monotonous floor.

The Color Green

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The final of the new interior design trends that is expected to be extremely popular this year is the color green. In fact, Etsy predicts that emerald green will be a staple color in 2022. You are going to see the color green in a lot of unique ways, including for kitchen cabinets, furniture, and shower surrounds. There are many ways you can incorporate the color green into your home through the use of tile. You can use green tiles to create a backsplash in a kitchen or bathroom, or you can use white tiles with pops of green tiles as a border or scattered throughout to create a focal point on the wall using tiles.

If you are planning on remodeling or renovating your home, looking at interior design trends of 2022 can help give you ideas of trends that are expected to be popular in the upcoming year. Fortunately, many of these trends can be incorporated into your home by using tile. If you are looking to change your home and need tile, Standard Tile in New Jersey carries a large supply of tile for flooring, showers, fireplace surrounds or other elements in your home. Visit our showroom today to take a look at the various types of tile we have available.

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