100 Years of Tile: 1960s Tile Trends

Tile Trends

The 1960s are known for their major influence in the music industry that artists are still emulating today. Similarly, the 1960s bathroom tile, and living area tile trends still inspire present-day interior designers. The 1960s floor tiles were luxurious and elegant. They brought in a new wave of class as homeowners moved away from pink and blue tones of the 50s. This new age of homeowners wanted more sophistication in their homes. If it was not for the 1960s style bathrooms, kitchens, and floors, our generation may not have desired as much modern design as we do now. Standard Tile was one of the first in the area to have 1960s bathroom tile for sale during this decade, so we remember these trends fondly.

Mosaic Tile Keeps Its Popularity

In the 1950s, mosaic tile patterns were rising in popularity. However, unlike the 1950s, the 60s welcomed a variety of materials for mosaic tile design. It was no longer just ceramic tile in square shapes. The 1960s welcomed every size, shape and color. These elements were incorporated in mosaic tiles in kitchens and bathrooms alike. Keeping with the trend from the late 1950s, the 1960s had tile floor to ceiling in many rooms of the house. 1960s style bathrooms would have mirrored walls with tile ceilings, with luxury and excess being a key in 60s tile trends.

1960s Style Bathrooms

The 1960s style bathroom was over-the-top. With chandeliers and tile, the bathrooms truly made a statement. Tile needed to be of the highest quality and be available in beautiful jewel-tone colors and shapes. Accents also played a heavy role in the 1960s tile trends. Gone were the days of single-color tile floors and walls. Various tiles in different shapes and colors would be used to create intricate tile designs to bring life into any room in the home with a unique design and pattern.

Gold & Green Tile Come Into Play

When it came to the colors with 1960s floor tiles, people wanted colors that exude luxury, elegance and wealth. The 1960 floor tiles that were popular included green, gold, orange, yellow, fuchsia, black and white. Gold was heavily used to accent every room as it was seen as the classiest color. When homeowners came home after a long day at work, they wanted to feel like royalty.

Standard Tile

1960s Tile Trends Summarized

Luxury and class are just two adjectives to describe home decorating and tile renovation projects in the 1960s. People wanted to be out with the old and in with jewel-tone and metallic tile. 1960s tile trends were also focused on accent tiles to create unique patterns. The kitchen floor tile trends and 1960s style bathrooms felt like one had walked into a royal palace rather than a family home.

  • The 1960s gave new life to the classic mosaic tile designs.
  • Bathrooms became a luxurious space with patterned tile designs and metallic accents.
  • The 1960s were all about green and gold tile with fun accent colors.

You will be hard-pressed to find a local tile company that has been around long enough to see the entire last century of tile trends, and truly have an eye for vintage tile, and isn’t simply focused on the most popular kitchen or bathroom flooring. When you are ready to bring your tile design to life, our experts are here to help. We still offer 1960s bathroom tile for sale at many of our showrooms throughout New Jersey. Contact us to learn how we make your tile design process as easy as possible.