1950s Tile Trends


The 1950s were known for embracing personal style, even if it was a little over the top, and interior design was no exception. The 1950s interior design style was not afraid of tile. It wouldn’t be unusual to find tile in every room of the home, from floor to ceiling. 1950s kitchen design was known for its bold patterns, checkerboards, and colored tile. Let’s dive in deep and learn what other tile trends were popular.

Color Tile Makes a Comeback

People expressed their love of color in their cars and in their tiles. Popular tile colors included pink, yellow, mint green and baby blue. Pink was a fan favorite with an estimated 10 million pink bathrooms installed during this era.

The 50s kitchen was also no stranger to pink and mint. From countertops to cabinets, everything in a 1950s kitchen design featured some of these fun and bright colors. While the present-day trends have shifted from neutral colors, marble and walnut wood, playing with these old school tile colors is an easy way to add a pop of classic color and a vintage feel to your kitchen.

Standard Tile

Mosaic Tile in 1950s Kitchens

1950s kitchen style focused on mosaic tile that was all the rage. Small rectangles and squares were used to create unique patterns. Some homeowners in the 1950s would use a single color to create the mosaic tile pattern while others would bring in a pop of color every so often to create depth.

Later on in the decade, mosaic tile patterns include hexagons and octagons. Mosaic tile is still popular today, 70 years later! The 1950s continues to inspire DIYers and contractors alike to incorporate new shapes into a mosaic tile design.

Tile Belongs Everywhere

The 1950s was the decade that put tile everywhere – and we mean everywhere. Ceilings, walls, tubs, floors and countertops were all tile, all the time. The tile ranged in color, but many were the iconic pink that the 1950s is known for.

Prior to the 1950s, tile was applied as a wainscot. This design made the tile higher around the tub and was extended to decorate the walls. Homeowners in the 1950s enjoyed breaking the standards set forth by previous generations and getting creative with tile in every room.

50s Interior Design Style

The 1950s interior design style was a fun era for both professional and DIY home decorators because of the rise of new colors. Gone were the days of mild colors and in came the rush of beautiful pastels. The 50s kitchen was known for being bold and fun, and the bathrooms exploding with tile.

  • The 1950s brought in an era of playing with soft – but still fun – pastel tile colors like pinks, mints, and light blues.
  • Mosaic tile grew in popularity in the 50s kitchen and throughout the home.
  • In the latter part of the decade, nearly every inch of a home’s bathroom would be covered in tile.

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