2021 Tile Trends to Look Out For


Considering updating the tile in your kitchen or bathroom? Your tile should be reflective of current design trends but have staying power so it’s relevant for years to come. Modern floor tiles emphasize the wood-plank look, eye-catching colors and patterns and terrazzo-inspired tile.

Stay on trend with these tile flooring ideas and ensure your home remains stylish in 2021 and beyond.

Updated Subway Tile

Even though subway tile is a popular tile, many think it’s boring. To give the familiar favorite a fresh face, designers are arranging it in intricate patterns using brighter, bolder colors and larger tile sizes. However, if you like the clean look of white subway tile, make it pop with a unique design and a contrasting grout color. Consider a herringbone pattern or inserting a mosaic design within a subway tile on your shower wall.

Subway tile has been around for decades and there’s no indication it’s going away anytime soon.


Wood-Look Tile

Tile that looks like wood planking has become a very popular trend. Unlike real wood flooring, there’s very little maintenance with tile, and it’s safe to install in areas that could get wet.

Manufacturers can mimic the look of real wood flooring in porcelain tile, even adding texture that adds warmth and character to your flooring. The tile can be printed to look like hand-scraped, distressed or wire-brushed wood. Adding these elements to tile gives your home a high-end, custom look without the worry of hardwood.

While this look may have started as a trend, it’s definitely a style with staying power. Expect it to last for decades to come.

Graphic and Decorative Patterns

Bold prints and patterns will become more prevalent in tile design this year. From art-deco to Morrocan to encaustic-inspired tile, homeowners will be looking for ways to insert their personalities into new floor tiles. With lots of colors and patterns, these designs harken back to a time when intricate, hand-crafted tile designs were the norm. However, today’s ceramic, porcelain and concrete tile options make achieving this look easier and cheaper.

Keep in mind that bright colors and unique styles are highly personal, so if you’re thinking of selling your home soon, a more neutral design and color pallet may be in order.


Terrazzo is traditionally used in commercial spaces but has become a much more popular floor tile in homes. Terrazzo is made by mixing marble, granite, quartz or glass chips with a cement binder. It’s versatile, durable and adds a vintage look to your home while adding depth and texture. It’s an industry favorite and a style with staying power.


When it comes to tile flooring ideas, the possibilities are truly endless. But staying on-trend ensures your home looks stylish for years to come. Even so, remember to:

  • Pick a durable tile that will hold up to daily use
  • Go with a neutral option if you anticipate selling soon
  • Don’t be afraid to inject your personality into tile color and design

Use our room visualizer to see what tile would look like in your home, and reach out if we can provide guidance about new floor tiles.