4 Incredible Benefits of Heated Tile Floors


There’s nothing quite like the luxury of stepping onto a heated tile floor! All the timeless beauty of tile is combined with a comfort level you have to feel to believe. You may find a new tile floor a little too chilly for your toes, but adding under floor radiant heat to your home makes all the difference in the world. From reducing your overall carbon footprint to gaining some additional floor space, here are four reasons to consider electric floor radiant heating.

1. Add An Additional Heat Source

Some rooms in your house may have a traditional heat source but they are still cold. That will be a thing of the past with the addition of under floor radiant heat. You and your family will appreciate being able to enjoy a consistent warm temperature anywhere that the electric floor radiant heating has been installed. Plus, you can control the temperature from anywhere with a handy mobile application.

Is a heated bathroom floor worth it? Absolutely! Stepping onto a heated tile floor is strangely soothing and can make those cold days much more tolerable. Any room with floor heat will quickly become your favorite room.


2. Greatly Improved Air Quality

Traditional heating systems require a way to circulate heat through a ventilation system, which can gather dust, mold and pollen. These contaminants are then circulated throughout your home, causing sickness, wheezing and even asthma in your family. With radiant heating, there are no allergens being pushed from room to room. This can help your family stay healthier and improve the overall interior air quality in your home and reduce the need for air filters.

3. Reduce Your Monthly Energy Bills

Heating the air in your home is inherently inefficient, you experience duct loss plus the warm air pushed out immediately rises towards the ceiling — only coming down to your level once it’s cooled off significantly. This means that the majority of your heating costs are going towards warmth that you and your family never have an opportunity to appreciate. With under floor radiant heat, the heat gently rises and helps you reduce the contrast of temperatures in your home. Since you’re heating the floor and air more consistently instead of going through the cycles of too hot / too cold, you may find that you’re spending less money on your monthly energy bills while still maintaining a more consistent warmth in your home. Many families find that they have significant cost savings over time white the more efficient floor heating system installed.


4. Maintain an Aesthetically Pleasing Floor

Floor registers and large heating elements can be unsightly and take up a fair amount of space in your home that could otherwise be used for living. Radiators are particularly big and bulky and there are many components of a traditional heating system that can lead to frustration. With radiant heating under your tile floors, you will never have to deal with unattractive heating elements or baseboards that tend to gather all manner of debris, including pet hair and allergens. Instead, your home is cleanly heated with all elements hidden away under your floors.



Here are some of the many benefits of heated tile floors :

  • Better air quality
  • Reduce the monthly cost of energy bills
  • Heat rooms more evenly
  • Aesthetically more beautiful without unsightly floor vents or registers

There’s no question that you deserve the warmth and comfort of heated tile floors, so let’s make it happen! Contact the professionals at Standard Tile today! You can call us at 800-648-TILE, visit one of our many New Jersey showrooms, or fill out our quick online form for more information.