5 Places You Didn’t Know You Could Use Ecoscape Outdoor Tile


Ecoscape tile is a thick, non-porous, variety of tile characterized by its high density, superior breaking strength and ample load capabilities. These tiles are also designed to be impervious to natural elements. This makes it ideal for outdoor areas that require a high performing tile and also happens to be one of our favorite outdoor tile trends of 2019. It can be installed over many substrates, including grass, raised support system and gravel, just to name a few. The following are five areas that are ideally suited for Ecoscape tile.

Top Five Places to Use Outdoor Tile: Outdoor Tile Ideas


A patio differs from a porch in that it is often situated on ground level, often serves as a bonus entertaining space outdoors and is usually located behind your house. Adding a patio to your home has been named one of the most beneficial additions as it is a feature often sought by homebuyers. This means it increases the resale value of your home. Of course, even if you plan on staying put in your home, a patio constructed of Ecoscape tile can be an advantageous addition. Incorporate luxurious patio furniture, a fire pit, an outdoor bar area (if the space is covered) and suddenly you have expanded your home’s capacity and entertainment space.



Using Ecoscape tiles to construct your walkways from your driveway to your door and to and from patios — or other yard features — is a great idea. It creates a high-class look, more sophisticated than simple concrete, and allows you to incorporate a wide variety of colors, styles and patterns into your home’s outdoor décor. Be prepared for everyone who visits to comment on your amazing walkways.


Pool Surrounds

Many homeowners assume they have one option when it comes to the material surrounding their pool: concrete. Or, in some cases, wood decking. However, in actuality, tile is a great option. In fact, Ecoscape tile is non-porous, meaning it will not soak in water from the pool, making it a great material to use around your pool. They are also slip resistant, which will cut down on the risk of slips and falls, due to wet feet. Ecoscape outdoor tile provides an opportunity to continue a look you started indoors into the outdoor space, through a patio and into other outdoor areas, creating a cohesive design.



Why settle for a boring, plain, asphalt, concrete or gravel driveway? After all, doesn’t everyone have one of those? Instead, why not opt for a driveway constructed using Ecoscape tile. This will enable you to create beautiful patterns and will exude a luxurious look. It will allow you to use your driveway to make a visual statement, in addition to serving a practical purpose. This can also help with curb appeal!


If you feel your cars deserve something beyond the standard concrete look, it is a good idea to consider ecoscape tile. This is especially true if your use your garage to display prized possessions and hobby items. Ecoscape tile provide a great way to create a personalized look in your garage that will perfectly match your décor and the quality of the vehicles stored within its walls. Create an elevated, cohesive look by putting Ecoscape tile in your driveway and garage.


Key Takeaways

Incorporating Ecoscape tile into your home’s outdoor landscape and other features is a great way to give your home a unique look and increase its value. The following is a breakdown of the key take places to use this tile:

  • Patios: create a beautiful outdoor space.
  • Walkways: make a statement with your tile walkway.
  • Pools: Keep water damage and slips from occurring with pool tiles.
  • Driveways: complement your stately home with an impressive driveway.
  • Garages: Complete the look you started outside on the driveway into your garage.

Your Next Step

If you like the sound of ecoscape tile and all its many uses and want to know more, contact us at Standard Tile today. Our professionals are ready to tell you more about how to incorporate these beautiful and sustainable tile into your home’s outdoor décor.