Color Spotlight: Green Tile

Color Spotlight: Green Tile

Tile is available in every color and shade on the light spectrum. In this color series, we are going to dive deep into green colored tile. Although not the most common tile color, green can add personality to your home in subtle or bold ways. Let’s get started!

Base And Accent Color

When it comes to creating an effective tone in your room, you need to consider what the base color will be. Green is a shade that is typically used for accents, but it can be a beautiful base color when balanced with decor and other accents. For example, a forest green tile is dark enough to create a solid foundation. Or, if you like bold spaces, a brighter green tile might present the exact energizing feel you’re going for. Consider what feeling you want to invoke in a room — do you want a calming or energizing tone to your space? Do you want to invoke a natural or artificial feeling? Answering these questions can help you decide which shade of green is right for you, and whether or not you’ll want it as a base color.

The Many Shades of Green

The color green itself can have more of a brown, blue, yellow, black or white base, all of which will change the shade of the color. Simply review a color wheel to see what shade of green speaks to you the most! You can also play with grout to make your green fit better. Grey or off-white grout can lend itself to different shades of green, making it less loud.

Green typically does very well in bathrooms and backsplashes. Adding green shower tiles to a bathroom can create a peaceful, aquatic or natural environment. Greens and blues invoke the sea, while greens and pinks can inspire spring tones. We listed some green color combinations bellow to help you think about how to use green tile in your home.

Standard Tile

Play With Complementary Colors

While monochromatic designers are beautiful and eye-catching, there is nothing wrong with adding in additional colors. Consider the following color combinations for your green shower tile or other tile design:

  • Emerald Green & Navy
  • Forest Green & Brown
  • Emerald & Burnt Orange
  • Olive & Light Orange
  • Lime Green & Pink
  • Douglas Fir & Blush
  • Pale Green & Tan
  • Sea Foam & White
  • Kiwi & Off White
  • Antique Green & Mustard Yellow

Go Green

Remember: green tile may seem slightly unusual, but it can add life into any room in your house! Green shower tile can be used to create your personal soothing oasis in your bathroom, just as well as it can be used to create a light, fresh feeling when you walk into your kitchen. If you aren’t sure how to incorporate green tile in your home, check out our past customers projects or spend some time in our room visualizers. Our interactive tool lets you play with tile designs so you can see what green tile will look like in your home before you begin mixing your first batch of grout.


Since green can be more warm or cool-toned, it’s easy to create a different design in every part of your home with forest green tile and other varieties. When it comes to using green to create your perfect tile design:

  • Select a neutral, dark base.
  • Identify which shades of green you want to incorporate.
  • Add in complementary colors.

If you’re ready to incorporate green tile into your home, contact our team at Standard Tile today!