Color Spotlight: Warm Terracotta Orange


Looking to redecorate or add some flair in the new year? It’s the time of year to plan for 2020 tile trends! As a homeowner or designer, integrating the right color and style is key. As tile continues to play a huge role in the design of spaces, with different textures, patterns, and colors, it’s important to utilize elements that fit your personal preferences and budget. Next year, warm terracotta orange has been named one of the hot 2020 tile trends. This trend can be applied in different ways. First, you can use a warm orange-hued tile to invoke terracotta design, or you can opt for actual terracotta (pictured below). While there are many advantages of terracotta, it is important to note that is a porous tile, so it does need to be sealed.

Featured at Cersaie, the industry’s Ceramics of Italy design trade show, this color was one of the top palettes, standing alone and paired with cool colors. Another highlight using warm terracotta orange was its use in retro-modern geometrics and bas relief dimensionality.

There’s a science in how you choose tile colors for bathroom use and tile colors for kitchen design. The beauty of a warm terracotta orange color is that it can be paired with other colors, used indoors or outdoors, and is an earthy, classic durable substance. The different hues of this color can be toned down for the fall or brightened with light accents in the spring and summer months.

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Terracotta Tiles Advantages

Tile is always an easy solution to quickly create beautiful spaces with continuity. While not all tile is the same, there are a few advantages to using terracotta tiles:

  • Resilience

Terracotta tiles are tough and can withstand huge amounts of traffic and abuse while retaining their presentation. This makes them easier to maintain without worrying about having to replace broken or damaged tiles.

  • Beauty

Aesthetically, warm terracotta orange gives a natural and rustic look, providing a unique and warm appeal. Terracotta tiles are made of clay and can be shaped into different designs to create unique looks.

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  • Flexibility

These tiles can be sealed to avoid stains and moisture. Beautiful for kitchen and bathroom design, these tiles work well in any main focal point area. They are versatile enough to accommodate indoor/outdoor kitchens without concern for wear and tear.

  • Maintenance

Maintenance for this type of tile is fairly easy, especially if the floor has been properly sealed. For individuals who have allergies or children, this is a good alternative that poses no health risks.

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Tapping into the latest design trends are always exciting, but knowing how to use these tiles and colors the right way to create designs that have longevity makes the difference. Fortunately, these tiles are beautiful and leave a cozy and elegant vibe in any room. Although you can see the color swatches and other samples, tile colors for bathrooms may look different. If you’re wondering how this tile would look in your bathroom, you can visualize this beautiful color as a floor tile or wall tile option using Standard Tile’s visualizer tool.


  • 2020 floor tile trends include warm terracotta orange
  • There are many advantages to using terracotta tiles
  • The color is versatile, elegant and aesthetically pleasing
  • This color can be used as a palette any time of year
  • Terracotta tiles are durable, traffic and kid-friendly

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