How Luxury Vinyl Tile Can Transform Your Home


With the luxurious appearance of wood at a fraction of the cost, Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)has become a popular residential and commercial flooring option. A durable, attractive product that’s easy to install and maintain, LVT can transform your home. Here’s everything you need to know about this revolutionary new type of plank flooring.


What is Luxury Vinyl Tile?

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) also known as luxury vinyl plank, is a durable type of flooring that mimics the appearance, texture, and depth of traditional hardwood. Available in different colors, finishes, and textures, LVT can be glued down or installed as a floating floor. Made of high quality, durable vinyl, luxury vinyl flooring can last decades and can be placed anywhere throughout a home: it’s entirely waterproof.


Transform Your Home With Luxury Vinyl Tile

Luxury vinyl tile can be found to mimic virtually any wood, including color, texture, and grain. There are also different qualities of LVT, with some being exceptionally high resolution and realistic. LVT can be laid throughout an entire home for a seamless look or through specific areas, such as kitchens and bathrooms, to renovate.

Overall, it’s an excellent option for those who want the look of hardwood floors without the maintenance. LVT will not need to be sealed or otherwise maintained; it just needs to be swept and kept clean. It’s waterproof, will retain its appearance for decades to come, and can be installed virtually anywhere.


  • Luxury vinyl flooring is a new, durable, and easy to maintain flooring option that mimics the appearance of hardwood floors, both in terms of pattern and texture.
  • Easy to install, waterproofed, and able to last decades, LVT can be used anywhere in a home and even in commercial spaces — and it doesn’t need any special maintenance or care.
  • While LVT is still a fairly new material and doesn’t elevate the value of a home the way hardwood or natural stone tile might, it’s also far less expensive and easier to install.

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