How to Incorporate Penny Tile

Incorporate Penny Tile

Penny tile is recently making a comeback in home design. While “penny” floors were popular for a while that are made of pennies and epoxy, penny tile is entirely different. Penny tile is a small tile, about the size of a penny, that comes on a mesh backing in a variety of colors and designs. Historic homes built in the early 20th century used these tiny tiles that we now refer to as penny rounds or penny tiles. An easy-to-maintain product, the penny tile impacts any bathroom, kitchen, or even in coffee shops and restaurants. With versatility and affordability, choose penny tile for your next home or business improvement project.

Penny Tile Patterns

The great thing about penny tile is the ability to create virtually any pattern you want. From flowers to words to curvy swirls, your room will be as unique as you. There are dozens of styles, colors, textures, patterns and materials, such as metal, glass, stone, ceramic and porcelain penny tile. The variations are endless and are an excellent choice for wall and floor designs.

Black And White Penny Tile Designs In The Kitchen

One of the most popular ways of using penny tile is to form a black and white design. Some ideas for kitchens include:

  • Adding black penny tile as a backsplash in an all-white kitchen generates a stark contrast. Conversely, constructing a totally white backsplash against the backdrop of black countertops or cabinets breaks up the dark colors.
  • Use white penny tile for the background and add black accents for a mosaic effect. Rosettes, words like ‘eat’ or ‘coffee’, are an excellent way to personalize your kitchen.
  • Installing mother-of-pearl penny tile generates a shimmering effect that is perfect for modern areas.
    Choosing a contrasting grout for black or white tile helps to bring together the whole room.
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Standard Tile

Black and White Penny Tile Bathroom

When making a decision, it is often daunting as there are so many pretty tiles. From copper to bronze and yellow to blue, homeowners can customize a bathroom to almost any color scheme. Many people enjoy a balance between black and white:

  • Use penny tile in black on the floor of the shower and then a white tile on the walls to create a stunning combination.
  • Black penny tile in a glossy finish adds a modern feel. Use this on an accent wall behind a vanity. Mix this with white cabinets, and a brass mirror and you have a sophisticated look.
  • Penny tile in glossy white, with white grout as a floor gives a clean look for those who want to add texture without adding too much pattern.
  • Create stripes in a shower wall by alternating color courses of 12” penny round sheets. Black, then white, then black again. Or you can use any colors for that matter! Get creative!
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    • With flexibility and durability, penny tile is a fantastic option for any room in the house.
    • There are many black and white penny tile designs that look amazing in kitchens and bathrooms.
    • Whether contrasting black and white or using all one color with a reverse grout color, you will experience a beautifully personalized space.
    • Designs are easily achieved with penny tile in all areas of the home.
    • Penny tile makes a great addition for showers, walls, flooring, and backsplash in bathrooms.
    • Use penny tile for backsplash, or flooring in the kitchen.

    If you are considering penny tile for a home renovation, let Standard Tile do the job for you. With 7 showrooms in New Jersey, and qualified, experienced staff, we can make your dream home come true. For more information, contact us today or use our Visual Design Tool to picture your ideas.