How to Use Tile in Unexpected Ways

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Whether you’re looking to transform your kitchen, bath, or living space, explore how to use tile in creative and unexpected ways!

Neuroscience research reveals that interior design choices can boost both mental and physical health. Creating an appealing space can decrease stress, lower fatigue, and make you more creative. That’s why making your space wholly yours is important.

Here, we’re going to discuss how to use tile in unique ways during your home renovations. Read on to learn some reasons how tile can help your home stand out.

Adding a Pop of Color

Many people think that tile comes primarily in neutral whites, blacks, and grays. While these hues certainly are great choices that go with everything, they’re far from your only option. You can get floor or backsplash tile in tons of different hues to provide a unique aesthetic to your kitchen or bathroom.

Color greatly affects how we feel, so you can use tile to boost the mood you’re looking to create. Blue is a calming hue that’s great for living rooms where you want to relax, but red and yellow tiles are energizing and sociable. If you cook a lot or like to host, these colors are an awesome choice. 

Creating Appealing Patterns

Tile is also useful when adding patterns to your new or pre-existing design scheme. Even geometric patterns go with virtually any space whether you want square or rectangular options. You can create checkerboard patterns for a vintage vibe as well.

However, you also have other awesome options. Honeycomb tile made from small hexagons is a great way to add a buzz to any kitchen or bathroom. You can pair it with black and yellow accents and countertops to match its apiary aesthetic.

Herringbone patterns are another unique but classy option. These styles consist of perpendicular rectangles in a fishbone pattern. They look awesome with any decor, especially if you choose 2 or 3 different hues to mix and match.

Matching Other Decor

Tile is a great way to give your room a contemporary, modern, or vintage vibe. Contemporary tile is clean and simple while vintage options may feature checkerboard or floral patterns. It’s a great way to create a cohesive aesthetic throughout your room.

It also is a great way to tie rooms together. If you have a room with more antique furniture and another with a modern look, you can get matching neutral tiles in both rooms. This lets you mix and match decor with a common thread that draws everything together.

Tile also is a great way to bring out the best qualities of other decor in your room. Sharp-edged tiles can bring out the bold lines of metal countertops. Softer antique-looking options with intricate patterns make heavy oak cabinets and bright oriental furniture look like it’s in the right place.

Beyond How to Use Tile in Interesting Ways

Now that you know how to use tile in unique and visually appealing ways, it’s time to get started. Standard Tile NJ is committed to providing you with tile flooring and accents in a plethora of shapes, colors, and textures. Contact us to discuss your design needs, our products, and how we can help you with your home renovations ASAP.