Purple Tile Spotlight

Bold backsplashes

Although purple is not the first color that comes to mind when looking for new tile, this versatile tile can be creative and elegant. The most popular purple tile options are royal purple for a more classy look or lavender for a calming, pastel feeling.

One major advantage of purple is that not every home has it. It makes a unique statement that sets your bathroom or kitchen apart from the run of the mill. It also comes in a variety of shades. Whether it’s lilac or lavender, whether it’s bright and jewel toned or rich and deep, there’s a shade of purple just waiting to transform your home in ways you haven’t imagined. Here are three ideas for enlivening your living space with this unique color.


Remodel with Purple Bathroom Tiles

You spend a lot of time in your bathroom and your guests will likely visit that room as well. Make it a space that pops with fun and cheerfulness. The possibilities are numerous. Lay a tile floor with purple ceramic tile patterning. Enchant with a subtle shade on the shower wall or celebrate an assertive pop of color on your shower floor.

A purple washroom sets itself apart from the crowd. Not only that, purple can expand a small room and make it less claustrophobic. Complete the look with complimentary towels, shower curtain and bathmat. You can also hang white towels and neutral decor to be keep the focus on the purple tile. Purple and white are a combination that’s tried and true.

Accent with a Purple Subway Tile Backsplash

Not ready to turn an entire room over to the regal color? Consider starting with your backsplash. Purple subway tile is a bold direction that’s sure to revitalize your kitchen. If your countertops are patterned, a solid purple will do the trick, but if your kitchen has solid colors, the sky’s the limit for a purple patterned backsplash.

Your purple showcase doesn’t have to be subway tile. Mosaics, either all purple or partly purple, are equally adept at catching your visitors’ eyes. Your purple backsplash is sure to be the accent that draws everybody’s attention and makes the entire kitchen a complete decorative triumph.

Standard Tile

The Elegance of a Purple Tile Background

You might think a color as forceful as purple would insist on center stage, but that’s not necessarily the case. A full wall or a floor in subtle purple is more than willing to let the rest of the room step forward. A subtle purple shade can even be floral or patterned and still find its identity in a supporting role.

A purple background can be the difference between a room that looks pretty good and one with just that extra degree of refinement. Purple is naturally a soothing and calming color, and a purple ambiance offers an oasis of calm in a hectic world. Relaxing and at the same time refined, what more could you ask for in a color?


  • Purple is among the most versatile of tile colors. It can be assertive or stay in the background. There are shades that are soft and others that are brilliant.
  • Use a little purple tile or a lot. Do an entire purple wall, or use the color as an accent in a border or backsplash.
  • Many people don’t think of purple when they think of tile colors. It’s your chance to design a bathroom or kitchen like no one else’s.

Standard Tile offers a complete selection of tile for all your remodeling needs, not just purple but any color that might catch your fancy. Visit us online, or in New Jersey make an appointment to check out one of our showrooms.