Small Kitchen Renovation Tips

Bold backsplashes

When renovating a small kitchen, the goal is to not only create a smart and stylish space, but to also include as many kitchen conveniences as possible. Therefore, you’ll need to take advantage of every square foot and consider every opportunity to add visual excitement.

Actually, small kitchen makeovers are ideal for adding small details that as a whole can make a dramatic statement. From the countertop to the backsplash, lighting and window treatments, here are some keen ideas for a small kitchen renovation.

Kitchen renovations for small kitchens

Flooring to make spaces look bigger

The goal with kitchen renovations for small kitchens is to get rid of uninspiring materials and drab color palettes. Select kitchen tile flooring that is not only a light color, but also features a larger tile pattern. A beautiful and warm option is to choose a wood-looking porcelain plank that can be found in widths of up to 12″, and lengths up to 48”.

If you want to brighten your small kitchen at the same time, large format tiles in lighter colors are a low maintenance option that looks smart and crisp. You can even opt for a luxury vinyl tile that mimics wood, and these wider planks can add depth to a small kitchen.

You can create an optical illusion of a larger space by running a tile pattern diagonal instead of straight. This type of contrasting tile pattern can make a smaller, square kitchen seem to extend further than it really does. In general, the larger the tile, the larger the space looks because you have less grout joints to distract your eye and break up the space.

Declutter with hidden storage

Small kitchen renovation ideas should reduce the amount of “stuff” you put on your countertops. The less clutter in a small space the more open it will seem. For instance, reserve a cabinet shelf to store your small appliances rather than leave them on the counter. An unused corner space can also be a nice place for a corner shelf that can neatly hold a small appliance.

Overhead storage can be found above kitchen cabinets, dishwashers or the breakfast bar. You’ll just need to keep a small step stool nearby for easy access. Open shelving hung from the ceiling over an open area can act as both a space divider and a place to store your favorite cookbooks and stemware.

Backsplash tricks to create openness

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Instead of stopping your backsplash 18 inches above the counter surface, consider extending it all the way to the ceiling to create a sense of spaciousness. Clean white subway tiles, or even porcelain tiles mimicking a consistent marble, are excellent choices for this purpose. Make sure your backsplash is neutral or light in color, because dark shades always make a space seem smaller.

Creative and stylish small unit renovation ideas include putting both color and texture to work. Consider an undulated ceramic subway tile, or even larger format tiles with some soft veining, to create an open and clean look. These options will give you a simple but sophisticated look, without cluttering the space visually. With any option mentioned, depending on color and tile layout, you can create either a very modern and contemporary look or a cottage or farmhouse kitchen that feels warm and cozy.

Stick with light colored palettes

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Your color palette will play an important role in your small kitchen renovation. While it’s okay to go with a bright pop of color in an otherwise monochromatic kitchen, one long-standing interior design secret is to paint the ceiling white to add a sense of height to the kitchen.

Painting one wall an accent color to bring your entire color scheme together while also creating visual diversity. Always choose an accent color that pairs subtly with the rest of the kitchen paint, instead of adding too much contrast.


  • Brighten and enlarge small kitchens with light colored, large format tile flooring or porcelain wood-looking planks.
  • A light color subway tile, or larger format tile backsplash taken to the ceiling is an effective and dramatic option.
  • Find creative ways to store kitchen gadgets with bins, shelving, hooks and corner units.

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