Spring Cleaning: How to Clean your Tile

Bathroom tiles

Many people find themselves not knowing what to clean ceramic tile floors with. You want to clean the dirt, germs and grime away without destroying the finish of the tile. How do I clean my tile floor, you ask? At Standard Tile, we have worked with and sold tile for over 100 years. Rest assured we have the experience to answer all of your questions about how to mop tile floors.

Goodbye Dust

A good starting point with any floor cleaning routine, especially tile, is to thoroughly remove dirt, dust and debris. Removing any visible, loose grime helps expose the tile so that it can be sufficiently cleaned. A quick go-around with a vacuum or dust cloth can accomplish this task. Microfiber cloths are great to use because they do not leave any streaks or fibers of their own behind.

Standard Tile

Just Use Water

The power of cleaning with just water is often underestimated. The first step is to fill a bucket with some warm water. Next, grab a microfiber cloth and fully immerse the cloth in the warm water. Always remember to wring out any cloth or mop fully before use. Excess water can make the process prolonged and prevent proper cleaning of the tile floors. With light strokes run your cloth or mop over the ceramic, making sure to twist out the dirty water residue often.

A Little Soap Goes a Long Way

Many times, plain water is not strong enough for heavy build-up. If your ceramic tiles have accumulated heavy grime, it’s okay to add a cleaner like our Miracle brand Tile and Stone Cleaner. The cleaner should not be made of harsh chemicals. Harsh chemicals and detergents like ammonia, bleach and acids can have a negative effect on your grout over time..

To Bleach or Not To Bleach

Bleach is not recommended for use on tile or grout. There are many other products that will do a great job without the long term damage or smell you get with bleach. We offer a full line of cleaners from Miracle and Stonetech.

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Cloudy Residue

Many household cleaners have soaps that leave behind a residue and make cleaning harder over time. Instead use a tile specific cleaner that rinses clean leaving nothing behind. Avoid the cleaners you get at the grocery store as they are typically general purpose cleaners. We sell the full line of cleaners by Miracle and Stonetech to handle all of your cleaning and sealing needs.

The Best Way to Mop Ceramic Tile

  • Make sure to dust and vacuum the ceramic thoroughly before cleaning.
  • Water on its own is often enough to clean ceramic floors efficiently.
  • If there is an excess of dirt and build-up, add a tile cleaner to the water
  • Ammonia, bleach and acids can eat away at the enamel of ceramic tiles and are bad for grout. Instead use a tile cleaner such as Tile and Stone cleaner by Miracle

Standard Tile has been a family-owned and operated New-Jersey based tile distributor for over 100 years. We know everything there is to know about tile and offer competitive prices and quality materials that big-box chains. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to visit our website, or call us at (800) 648-TILE!