Setting the Standard: How Stacked Stone Upgrades Your Space

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A great way to add visual excitement to any room is by using texture, depth and dimension. Stacked stone offers all three showing the nuanced color variation and natural texture of stone.

Mixed materials are an extremely popular way that designers are creating distinctive living spaces. No matter what your home decor preference is, you can upgrade your spaces with stacked stone, including your kitchen backsplash, bathroom or fireplace and mantel. The beauty of stacked stone tiles lies in the appeal of natural textures and color patterns like Amber Falls, Alaska Grey and Canyon Creek.

But, these tiles go one step further. They add optical liveliness and visual enthusiasm because of the different dimensions of each tile. The varying thicknesses of each tile piece mean some will project forward, while others will recede. The dimensional trick is one way interior designers add variety and creativity to what would otherwise be a lackluster, flat surface.

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What are stacked stone tiles?

Consider these dimensional tiles are used to accent interior walls, such as bathrooms, fireplace walls, or even to add exciting detail to structural elements such as support beams or retaining wall cladding. Texture tricks are very often used to add that extra touch to a room. Nothing does it more beautifully than stacked stone tiles.

Stacked stone sets the standard by taking a traditional design style (brick or stone accent walls) and adding a modern flair that fits any decor. From rustic to contemporary, from farmhouse to modern urban, there is a tile design that fits beautifully in each architectural sphere. These stone veneer panels are made for easy installation and are cut to fit around fixtures or existing wall details.

The beauty of a stacked stone backsplash

If your kitchen or bathroom has already been modernized, adding a stacked stone backsplash is a great way to refresh the area. Set the tone for your kitchen renovation project by installing a character-rich backsplash created with stacked stone veneers. Choose between peel-and-stick tile or regular glued stack stone tile that reflects the true nature of limestone, slate, quartzite, marble or travertine.

If your bathroom lacks warmth, or your kitchen seems uninspiring, updating the backsplash with stacked stone tiles can make all the difference. Other designer tricks that can dramatically change the feel of a bathroom or kitchen without the expense of a remodel include switching out the hardware for an aged patina-gold and adding track lighting or accent lighting that shines on your new backsplash.


Consider a stacked stone tile fireplace

Another popular home update includes spicing up the fireplace. When it’s cost-prohibitive to tear out existing fireplace walls, a stacked stone fireplace and a new mantel can be the perfect solution. When you update your fireplace with stacked stone tiles, you can create a warm and inviting space that stimulates enchanted nights or cozy family gatherings. Step away from the traditional brick-red fireplace walls into an excited designer-inspired stone like California Gold, Cordoba Noche or Glacial Black.


  • Stacked stone panels can be used to update kitchen or bathroom backsplash or your fireplace surround.
  • Stacked Stone tiles are a budget-friendly way to add texture, color and dimension to any area.
  • Design patterns will fit any interior architectural decor or add visual excitement to lackluster spaces.

Update your fireplace stone walls or kitchen and bathroom backsplash from a traditional style to a choice that adds sophistication and a finishing touch to any interior. For more beautiful choices in upgrading your space with stacked stone tiles, visit Standard Tile online or visit one of our beautiful showrooms.