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Choosing tile for your home can be easy with this guide on common questions about using tile. We answer your tile FAQ’s here.

When you upgrade your flooring, you’ll recoup up to 75 percent of the cost when you sell your home. That’s one of the best renovation bangs you can get for your buck. 

Do you have questions about the type of tiles to increase the market value of your home? Find the answer to your tile FAQ below.

What Size Tile for a Small Kitchen Floor?

The size of your kitchen isn’t the main deciding factor when choosing floor tiles for your home improvement project. Smaller tiles will give you more grout lines, which provides a busy feel.

Larger tiles may open up the space. Try this kitchen visualizer to get an idea of the differences.

What Type of Tile for Kitchen Floors?

Look for slip-resistant tiles that can take some moisture. Smoother tiles might be a bit easier to clean. A tile that has a texture can make a floor less slippery.

Tile with a pattern in different shades of a soft color will hide dirt, and that’s an important consideration when you’re doing home renovations.

What’s the Best Color Tile for Dark Rooms?

A lighter tile may be the right choice as it will brighten up a dark room. Look for a tile color that complements the existing colors in your room to achieve a sense of harmony.

Consider using tile size or orientation to open up the space.

What’s the Best Tile for Outdoors?

You want a very durable tile that is waterproof or non-porous. Look for tiles that are designed for outdoor use. A clay-based tile such as porcelain will work well in an outdoor space. Porcelain is baked in fiery hot kilns, so they won’t crack in extreme weather conditions. 

Which Tile Is Best for a Bathroom?

Ceramic tiles are the best choice for bathroom walls. They come in a wide variety of colors and patterns and are water-resistant. They stand up to daily wear, do well in steamy bathrooms and will look good after years of use. However, for bathroom flooring, you would want to opt for a porcelain tile over a ceramic. 

Which Tile Is Best for a Kitchen?

Ceramic tiles are also the most popular choice for wall use in a kitchen because of their durability and natural finish. They are waterproof and come in many styles and colors. One example of a ceramic is a classic subway tile. However, you would not want to use a ceramic tile on the floor. 

Porcelain tile is preferable in high-traffic areas, like your kitchen floor, because it resists chips and cracks. Personal preference and availability will determine your choice.

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