Tile Tips, Tricks, and Trends for 2019


There have been a dizzying array of changes in home design over the years, and it can be a challenge to stay on top of these options. Tile is currently experiencing a surge of popularity and one of the key reasons is the wide variety of options that tile provides to homeowners and designers. From changes in trends towards larger tiles to the ease of installation, it’s no wonder that tile is one of the premier choices of today’s homeowners. See the tips, trends, and tricks that you need to know in the world of tile.

Tile Tips


Are you still stuck in the mindset that a smaller room needs a smaller tile in order to look balanced? Larger tile is just as workable in rooms of all sizes. When you reduce the amount of grout that is used on a tile floor, you’re automatically reducing the maintenance required for your floor. Also, don’t be afraid of adding a little color into your project! The only exception would be when you’re adding tile to the floors in order to sell your home. Otherwise, select a tile that you personally enjoy as tile is quite timeless in terms of design.



The key work on your tile floor begins early: in the preparation stage. Getting the surface perfectly prepped provides your tile with a base that will allow the beautiful floor to last through the ages — plus, this makes installation a great deal easier and faster.

Design and Manufacturing

When you are selecting tile, find out where it was made. You’ll find that the best quality tile comes from the US, Italy, Spain and Turkey and Portugal. You’ll also want to review the PEI hardness rating as well as the color variation rating before making a decision. Consult a professional before making your purchase to ensure you are getting quality material that will look the way you expect when you take delivery of the material.


Tile Tricks

Do you have an existing tile floor? If so, you may be tempted to simply place a new tile floor over the old one without removing the prior tile. While this can work, you need to be aware that this could raise the floor height and cause problems with molding or transitions to other rooms. Installing a tile floor yourself can work well, but your preparation is particularly crucial in this instance. Professionals are often able to adjust their work to fit any unusual conditions, but this could be tough for a DIY project.

Tiling in a small space may feel intimidating — you want to be sure that the design will match up perfectly when you’re finished! You can create a consistent look by first laying out the tile on the floor without grout to see how it looks. Begin in the middle of the room and work outward to build symmetry at each stage.

Tile Trends

Want to stay on-trend with your tile? No problem! There are plenty of fun options to consider. Mosaics and cement tile accents are one of the latest looks for tile, and small herringbone patterns are all the rage. Large-format tile in 12″ x 24″ (or bigger!) is being used to great effect by designers, and cement tiles on walls provide an interesting counterpoint to your tile design. Experts expect the wood look in tile to be a winner in the near future, as well as thinner tiles and those that are patterned porcelain slabs that look very similar to marble.




To recap, here are top tile tips, tricks, and trends for a smooth floor in 2019:

  • Review the tile’s hardness rating and check for where it comes from
  • Larger tile is in for 2019, and reduces maintenance for you
  • Mosaics and herringbone patterns are currently trending
  • Make sure you ask for the expert’s opinion and plan well!

Tile is a timeless and lovely addition to any home or office and provides you with a high-end look that is difficult to mimic with other styles of flooring. Whether you’re ready to re-tile a small portion of your home or creating large swaths of tile flooring, contact the professionals at Standard Tile NJ today to learn more and get started on your next tile project.