Why New Tile Floor Will Revive Your Kitchen

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May 17, 2019

Why New Tile Floor Will Revive Your Kitchen

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Don’t start ripping out those kitchen cabinets just yet. If you’re looking for a way to revive an old, dated kitchen, look to the tile first. Not only is tiling a more affordable and less involved process than ripping out and replacing all your cabinets, but it’s also often the most utilitarian choice. Here are a few reasons why new tile floors should be one of your first priorities in a kitchen renovation.

Over Time, Floors Look Dirty, Old, and Dated

What exactly is aging in your kitchen? It’s likely that it’s the floor. Think about how often you use things in your kitchen, and then think about what you’re standing on when you use any of those things.

Whether you have porcelain tile, linoleum, natural stone, or vinyl, floors can age and appear dated when they aren’t properly maintained. It could be that the grout joint is too wide, that the vinyl has gotten scuffed, or the linoleum has begun to peel: whatever the problem, you can easily fix it through replacing the floor with sustainable tile.


tile flooring, ceramic tile, kitchen floor tiles advice, porcelain tile

Floors Dramatically Impact the Appearance of a Room

There is no single surface within a kitchen that is as significant as the floor, and that’s why the floor is often the best place to start. Something as simple as lightening or darkening the color of your floor could dramatically change the appearance of your cabinets and counters, making it unnecessary to upgrade them. Floors set the tone of a room: you can make them rustic, modern, or classic. Find a fun tile-and-grout combo, try out LVT, or porcelain tile to set the base for your revived kitchen.

Porcelain Tile Will Last You a Long Time

When you remodel a room, you want the remodel to last. Porcelain tile is a very strong material that will last for decades. It will stand the test of time, even in areas with very high traffic. By remodeling using such a durable material as porcelain tile, it will save you money on future renovations.


tile flooring, ceramic tile, kitchen floor tiles advice, porcelain tile


Natural stone tile may take a little more work to keep looking new, as they do need to be sealed from time to time. However, they can also be polished, buffed, and resurfaced when necessary.

Tile Flooring Can Be Used to Mimic the Appearance of Other Materials

Porcelain comes in many formats, from wood-look tiles to tiles that mimic the appearance of various types of natural stone. The advantage is clear: porcelain tile will last longer, is easier to maintain, and more affordable. If you want your kitchen redesign to utilize materials such as travertine, marble, or hardwood, you can instead use porcelain tiles.


tile flooring, ceramic tile, kitchen floor tiles advice, porcelain tile


And, of course, natural stone tile is also available for those who want to increase the value of their property and lend it a sophisticated, luxurious charm. Natural stone tile has a different way of reflecting light than other materials, because parts of natural stone tiles are translucent. This can lend natural stone tiles a warm glow or a glitter — especially in sunlight.

There Are Many Colors, Patterns, and Styles of Porcelain Tile

tile flooring, ceramic tile, kitchen floor tiles advice, porcelain tile


Whether you’re trying for a cozy kitchenette or a modern, commercial kitchen, there’s a porcelain tile that will suit your design needs. Other types of flooring may present limited options, but with porcelain tile you can get virtually any look you can imagine. That includes inventive, creative patterns that can really define your kitchen space.


tile flooring, ceramic tile, kitchen floor tiles advice, porcelain tile



What About Ceramic Tile?

Ceramic tile, although previously used on floors, is not the best option. Although ceramic tile can be used on walls, porcelain tile is more durable than ceramic tile, and thus better suited for flooring.

Tile Can Be Installed Over Existing Flooring

If you’re looking for a fast, easy installation, tile can help. Depending on the state of the current tile floor, tile can be installed directly over some types of existing flooring, such as old tile. When installed by an experienced professional, tile can also be installed fairly quickly.

  • Changing your kitchen floors can dramatically alter the appearance of your kitchen.
  • Flooring isn’t just an excellent aesthetic improvement, but also a utilitarian one.
  • Porcelain tiles are a durable, affordable way to renovate.

New tile can make your kitchen look dramatically different, while also being easy to maintain. You can get some kitchen floor tile advice from the experts at Standard Tile, as well as checking out the show rooms to see your kitchen tile options.


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