Your Complete Design Guide to DIY Floor-to-Ceiling Bathroom Tile Installation

Bathroom Flooring

Are you renovating your bathroom? Bathroom tile installation is a key part of the process. Floor-to-ceiling tile designs are an extraordinary way to make any bathroom look luxurious. From complex patterns and designs in small ceramic tiles, to expansive, wide open large format tiles, bathroom ceiling tiles, floor-to-ceiling really makes the tile itself shine. Here’s what you need to know if you want to incorporate bathroom floor to ceiling tile into your bathroom design.


The Benefits of Floor-to-Ceiling Bathroom Tile

Why is everyone going crazy over floor-to-ceiling bathroom tile? It turns out, there are a lot of benefits. Floor-to-ceiling bathroom tiles have been traditionally used in European and luxury homes, as a way of creating a “wet room.” Some advantages include:

Spreading the light. Tiles are reflective and can spread natural light throughout your bathroom, making it seem brighter and more airy.
Protecting the drywall. Since everything will be tiled, everything will be protected from moisture. You can create larger showers or even make the shower its own room.
Creating a design statement. Floor-to-ceiling bathroom tile is extremely dramatic, and consequently has a lot to offer in terms of interior design. If your current bathroom is a little lackluster, this can help.
If you’re renovating your bathroom, it’s worth considering these advantages. But how do you design for floor-to-ceiling tile?

Creating an Accent Wall

One of the methods of incorporating floor-to-ceiling bathroom tile is to create an accent wall. While you might not want brightly-colored tiles on every surface of your bathroom, a single wall can be offset quite nicely. This is an opportunity to use detailed, textured, and otherwise unique tiles in your design. It’s also less expensive than tiling the entire room.


Choosing the Right Floor To Ceiling Tile

Color, style, and size of tile need to be considered when installing tiles floor-to-ceiling. Busy patterns are going to be distracting if the tile is everywhere. Large format tiles tend t o make a space look bigger, while smaller tiles can provide intricate and interesting diy bathroom tile floor designs. Subway tiles, when placed horizontally or vertically, can be used to lengthen or widen the appearance of a shower wall.

Standard Tile

Paying Attention to Proportions

Sometimes running tile all the way up to the ceiling isn’t desirable. If you have a ceiling that runs higher than average, allowing for a more light-toned upper wall and ceiling can make the room feel larger. The proportions of the room will tell you how high to go; floor-to-ceiling tile doesn’t necessarily need to run all the way up.

DIY Floor-to-Ceiling Bathroom Tile

Installing floor-to-ceiling bathroom tile on your own can be a challenge.

To install floor to ceiling tile, you must:

  • Install a backer board approved for tile installation.
  • Find your center lines and work out from there making sure your cuts are the same size on the edges.
  • Cut the tiles as needed. You may need to purchase a wet saw or score and snap.
  • Start with a level ledger board at the bottom and work up from there. When done, remove the ledger and fill in the bottom row.
  • Mix your mortar. Use the correct notched trowel for the size tile you are using..
  • Set your tile. Back butter each piece and use spacers for an easier bathroom tile installation.
  • Mix your grout to the directions on the bag. Use a grout float to apply and a large sponge to remove. Ring the water out of the sponge before using it to remove the excess grout.

The process is similar for any wall tile, but it can be quite the job. Many people will find that it’s easier to hire a professional than try to struggle through a complete tile installation themselves.

In Conclusion

  • Floor-to-ceiling bathroom tile is a dramatic, attractive way to renovate.
  • If you want to DIY your floor-to-ceiling tile, it could take a bit of work – but it’s possible if you have the determination to complete the project.
  • When you install tile floor-to-ceiling, you invest in something that will preserve your home for years to come and keep it relevant as possible.

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