Color Series: Black Tile


This color series will explore all about the color black. Black is a versatile color. It can be bold and strong, but it can also be subtle and defining. Black brings out the best in any space. While some may not initially think of the color black when looking to incorporate color into their home, there are a variety of ways this color can be used to complement a room.

Base color

Black can create a dramatic effect that sets the tone for the room, on walls or floors. Black tile on the floor makes a statement all its own — it adds a solid foundation to the space and allows more freedom to play with grout, furniture and other decor. Black adds depth to any space, allowing other colors to pop and push the aesthetic of the room. It’s a cutting-edge statement foundation that’s classic enough to stand the test of time. Black never goes out of style!

Color Series

The Many Shades of Black

You’ll find many shades of black tile. There’s ash black, which is subtle enough to be noticed and still make a statement; dark black tile which is bold and beautiful; shiny black tile which is sleek and adds a sophistication; and three-dimensional black tile which pops on its own. Many designers are offering black tile paired with a variety of colors, but the most common will be black and a variation of white. Light and darker shades let you add a two-tone look to a room, and black is one of the best shades to do this with since it essentially matches with all other colors.

Color Series


Complementary and Contrasting Colors

No matter which way it is presented, black is a chic and elegant color. But some people think it can be too dark a color to include in home planning. This notion can be quelled simply by using different shades of the color or adding dimension (as mentioned above). And interestingly, black can actually help brighten up a space when used with the right colors and the right type of tile. You’ll find black tile presented in different ways – textured, with cream or white, black and gold tile and in different shapes, and more. Search around online and in stores to see what type of black tile catches your eye.

Color Series

One of the most beautiful combinations is black with gold, due to the contrast and versatility. Black and gold tile can add an understated elegance to any space. Designers have taken the black and gold concept and changed the game with different variations of this color scheme. From large blocks of gold-flecked with black, to black with shapes and patterns in gold, there is something so timelessly elegant about this color combination that takes a room to the next level.

Color Series

Décor and More

One of the greatest things about tile is that it’s not just for the floor. You can use tile for a focal wall, around mirrors, as a backsplash, to define doors and other design aspects to create a space just for you. From funky lamps, to colorful furniture and curtains, you can always find something useful for a room with black tile. Black and cream or white always adds a calming effect, but switching up the norm for colors like yellow, baby blue, green, orange or pink can also make a dramatic statement. With the right accessories, the options are limitless.

Color Series

Color Series

Are you considering using black tile? While it’s a daring move, there are so many design elements available to complement this choice. If you’re looking to explore the boundaries of what is “typical” in a home while also keeping your space sustainable over the next several years, black tile is the perfect way to go.


  • Black is a nice base color to complement any décor, style or furniture.
  • Using different shades of black and contrasting/complementary colors can add light and depth to your space with a darker tile choice.
  • Black tile isn’t just for the floor — you can use it anywhere and on or around anything. Think: accents!

For more information on black tile and how you can enhance your space, contact the team at Standard Tile today!