Fall In Love With These Fall Tile Trends

Tile Trends

Fall is the perfect time for homeowners to tackle a remodeling project. The weather is cooler and it’s back to work and school! Autumn is also a good time for designers and contractors to delve into the newest fall tile trends 2019 that will carry their clients through the rest of the year and beyond. Let’s get started looking at these fall tile trends.

1. Expanded Thicknesses Options

The thickness of the tile is a vital element when it comes to its versatility — and Italian tile companies are listening. They have expanded the thicknesses of the tile they offer which greatly increases their applications. You can now find tiles that range from 3 mm to 30 mm. Thinner tiles are perfect for tile over tile applications and can save time and money over demo work. While the thicker options are great for your outdoor patio and walkway needs.

2. Marble

Tile has long moved past the popular granite and expanded into other offerings. Manufacturers continue to search the globe for those elusive stone varieties that offer their customers access to unique color variations, character, patterns and veining to meet the desires of customers to install a tile in their homes that’s unlike any other. Marble can also be paired with different color tile or combined with metallic accents.


3. Not-So-Basic Shapes

There’s no doubt that tile options are becoming more diverse for the fall of 2019. Not only is this seen in the patterns and colors that are offered, but it’s also become evident in the expansion of shapes that are available. Think beyond the traditional rectangle tile and consider the hexagon, geometric tile and other options that provide the backdrop for customization and personalization of the customer’s space.


4. Matte Tile Continues to Lead the Way

Glossy tile captured the hearts and attention of many for years, but the popularity of matte tile continues to expand. Glossy tile can create a dramatic look and feel that is both polished and elegant, matte tile provides the same elegance in an understated way. Tile with a matte finish has a low sheen, making them easier to maintain. It is also popular because it doesn’t show water marks and smudges as much as glossy tile does.

5. Textured Tile

Following the current tile trends for autumn of scaling up the look and feel of tile are offerings that significantly boost visual interest. Textured tile can add color depth, visual variation and more depending on how subtle or pronounced the textures are. Some examples of textured tile include 3D which can be used to create a range of different places or objects. Many people use 3D tile to create rooms or walls that can only be called pieces of art.

Texured Tile


  • Fall 2019 tile trends feature new twists on old favorites that boost the appeal and make a space unique.
  • An expansion of options, including thickness and different shapes, patterns and textures, is a hallmark of the tile options available this fall.
  • Matte tile continues to enjoy an increase in popularity as more people discover they can get the same elegance and sophistication in a style that’s easier to maintain.

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