How to Incorporate Extra Large Tile

Incorporate Extra Large Tile

Have you ever noticed some fireplaces seem to be wrapped in what appears to be a single piece of stone? That may have been an example of large format porcelain tile. This durable and beautiful material has been used for thousands of years all across the world. Modern manufacturing techniques have super-sized the tile, resulting in amazing finishes for home and office decor.

What makes a tile “Extra Large”?

Extra-large tile can either be porcelain or ceramic, produced in sizes such as 2- foot x 4-foot, 4-foot x 8-foot, and in some rare instances up to 15-feet wide. Available in a variety of thicknesses, they can be used to tile floors, walls, countertops, bath enclosures and even the exterior of buildings.

Today’s extra-large tile is often finished to mimic the look of natural stone such as marble, quartzite or granite. You may see this large-format tile used to clad fireplace surrounds, as a feature wall, or as flooring in an expansive entry.

Does Large Tile Make a Room Look Bigger or Smaller?

Are you worried about large tile in a small room looking odd or unusual? Extra-large tile can make a small space actually feel roomier. There are fewer seams as the tile requires fewer grout lines. That means that your eye only sees a clean surface instead of being tripped up by a checkerboard of contrasting lines. If you are having the tile installed on walls, modern techniques use color-matched grouts to virtually eliminate visual seams.

Large Floor Tile is Just the Beginning

Your first instinct when hearing about large format tile is to envision a floor finished in a seamless ocean of a single color or style. Traditional floor tile sizes included 6-inch x 6-inch, 12-inch x 12-inch all the way up to a 2-foot square tile. In many residential bathrooms, a few 2-foot x 4-foot large-format tiles would cover the entire floor.

Stansard Tile

But they could also create a stunning walk-in shower, dress up your kitchen, or lend some serious style to your entry. When you look at a large format tile, let your imagination decide where you would like to see that lovely veined slab in your home. No matter where that might be, with the right installation technique, it can happen!

Achieve Your Own Spa with Large Tile in Small Bathroom

One of the hottest trending spots to add large-format tile is in your newly updated master ensuite. The large format tile can be used to create a walk-in shower that shares the same massive tile as the walls or the floor. The result is a singular appearance that reflects our contemporary love affair with white-on-white decor. Add small pops of color to the room using linens, soaps, and artwork for that home designer look.


Takeaways for Extra Large Tile

  • The same porcelain and ceramic material used for thousands of years is now available in slab-sized pieces that mimic the look of stone.
  • The use of extra-large tile in a small room can make it feel larger.
  • Large-format tile is used for fireplace surrounds, wall accents and countertops as well as traditional flooring.
  • Trending bathroom styles feature walk-in showers dressed out in large wall tile.

See the Possibilities Presented by Large Tile In Person

The only way to truly comprehend the size and beauty of large format porcelain or ceramic tile is to see one yourself. Come visit any of our six Standard Tile showrooms today! Our professional staff looks forward to helping you find the perfect tile to complete your New Jersey home or office project.