Summer 2022 Tile Trends

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The right tiles can totally transform a room. Our experts share the hottest summer 2022 tile trends that we love, and that you’ll love too!

Did you know that bathrooms and kitchens are the two most popular home improvement projects?

Another improvement a lot of homeowners are making is pulling up old carpeting and redoing their floors in hard materials.

Can you guess something all of these projects have in common? Tiles.

If you’re redoing a bathroom, kitchen, or floor, there’s a good chance you’ll be putting in new tiles. Tiling isn’t cheap and it’s also a very permanent design decision. Unlike paint that you can redo whenever you want, tiles are there for the long haul. 

Therefore, it’s very important that you take a good look at the tile trends and pick an option that will remain current for the foreseeable future. 

Keep reading to discover some of the best summer tile trends of 2022 to consider. 

Weave-Inspired Patterns

One of the most interesting tile trends that have developed this year is weave-inspired patterns. Weave-like tile patterns can add interest and visual depth to your floors or backsplashes. 

This is particularly valuable if you are attracted to neutral tile colors. Neutral tile colors are a timeless option and more versatile to decorate with. But they can make spaces look a little flat, especially in areas where you have minimal staying opportunities, like the bathroom. 

Warm Neutrals

Speaking of tile colors, another big trend that’s busy percolating is warm neutral color palettes. As you probably know, gray dominated the interior scene in the 2010s. Fast-forward to 2022, and it looks like the 50 Shades of Gray era is drawing to a close. 

Most design experts agree that gray is on the way out and is quickly being replaced by warm neutrals such as beige. 

Thanks to this, you can expect to see a lot of popular tile designs coming out in warm neutral shades. Think beige subway tiles, cream mosaic tiles, brown grout, etc. 

Chevron Tiles

Chevron shapes have been a popular element in design trends over the last couple of years, and they continue to be a favorite choice among interior designers and homeowners. 

One of the most sophisticated ways to utilize this eye-catching geometric pattern is with tile. If you want to use neutral tile colors, but still want a subtle pattern, chevron tiles add interest, energy, and movement.

You also don’t have to buy dedicated chevron tiles. You can opt for regular subway tiles, or skinny rectangular tiles in natural stone and lay them in a chevron pattern. 

Wood Tiles

Do you love a wood-look floor but don’t want to deal with the maintenance? If so, then you should definitely consider wood tiles. 

Faux wood tiles can look incredibly similar to real hardwood flooring, but they are far more durable and long-lasting and require zero maintenance. 

Wood is also not a good material to use in a bathroom as it can absorb moisture. If you really want to incorporate a wood look into your bathroom floor, shower, or backsplash, then faux wood options could be the best bathroom tiles to choose. 

These Tile Trends Are Likely to Last

Not only are these tile trends very of-the-moment—but they’re also the ones we feel have the most longevity. The last thing you want is to redo your bathroom, kitchen, or flooring and realize in 6 months that it already looks dated. 

Are you excited to incorporate one of these tile trends into your space? If so, book a free session with our design service to get started!