The Top Tile Trends for Your Beach House

Top Tile Trends for Your Beach House

Listening to the sound of the waves breaking against a sandy beach, feeling the cool breeze on your face, enjoying a deep breath of salty air — these are all factors that make beach living relaxing, rejuvenating and even beneficial for your body. Therefore, if you are among the fortunate individuals who call yourself an owner of beach side property, count yourself extremely blessed. Not only can you walk out of your door and enjoy one of the most relaxing environments that exists, but you also are afforded a manner of freedom when it comes to decorating your beach house not enjoyed with other types of homes.

One way to truly get creative with your beach house décor is through the use of tile. Tile flooring, of course, is an ideal type of flooring for your beach house, since you need a type of flooring that is easy to clean and can withstand some manner of weather and/or moisture from the sea air. Read on for some inspiration on how to incorporate tile trends into your beach house design:

Beach House Tile Ideas

There are many ways you can incorporate innovative tile design into your beach house. The following are just a few to get you headed in the right direction:

Standard Tile

Fish Scale Style Tile

One of the easiest ways to bring the ocean indoors is using a fish scale style of tile, also sometimes called scalloped tile. This is one of many compelling beach house bathroom tile ideas that will instantly say “ocean.” It calls to mind the look of a fish scale, of course. Some of the best coastal shower tile ideas invoke texture rather than color to achieve their desired purpose. But, you can also go with a rich aqua color or bold green to further enhance the sea feel. Fish scale tile looks incredible on the walls of a shower, but they can fit anywhere in the bathroom, kitchen or living area. These tiles can be tan, white, blue or any other color in the rainbow.

Glass Tile Backsplash

Standard Tile

Another way to bring the feel of the beach to inside your space is by using glass tile in ocean like colors. You can use this to form beautiful, conversation-worthy backsplashes or use in your shower surround. This beach colored glass tile, is a bit opaque, and the orientation can be turned to form different patterns. It also incorporates the beautiful blue-green hues of the ocean. Surround a light colored countertop with a beach glass tile backsplash for a striking look.

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Pebble Mosaic Tile

This trend moves away from the bold, blue colors of the previous trend mentioned and goes a slightly different direction. It serves as a foundation or base for fun decorations or beautiful beach-y artwork in your beach home, since white, neutral tile can help balance out bolder colors. It also provides a cool, clean look; an off-white style creates a smooth and relaxing atmosphere (a good idea is to add a water feature with the pebble mosaic tile to make your space feel like the ultimate spa!) You could also opt for round tile, which calls to mind dunes of sand. Moreover, when you choose a neutral color tile in any material, whether it be ceramic, pebbles, porcelain or marble tile for any space in your beach home, it gives you some additional freedom to incorporate colors in other elements.

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Your Easy-to-Remember Trend Take Away List

The trends listed above are just a few ways to integrate tile into your beach home’s design. Here is a break down of these ideas in an easy-to-skim format:

  • Fish scale tile is a great way to bring the ocean indoors.
  • Beach glass tile is ideal for bathrooms or back splashes in a beach home.
  • White marble or neutral tile is the perfect finish for any décor style.

Your Next Step

If you want to find out how to fuse various beach home tile trends like the ones listed above into your décor, contact us at Standard Tile for more information. Our standard of service, which includes on-time delivery and immediate sample availability (among other factors), makes us the ideal place to access the very best in tile for your beach home.