Top Tile Trends for the 2019 Spring Season

Top Tile Trends for the 2019 Spring Season

Spring is here, so let the home improvement begin! Changing your home’s tile, either on your walls or floors, is an excellent way to upgrade your bathroom and kitchen.

Tile trends change regularly. Below we’ve listed the latest bathroom tile trends and floor tile trends for 2019 so you can stay-up-to-date while renovating your home.

Get Wild With Patterned Geometric Tiles

Patterned geometric tiles are in! Patterns catch the eye and add texture to any room. Honeycomb, triangles, circles, and rectangles are all attractive shapes that draw attention to your floors and walls, as well as your fireplace and backsplash.

Geometric Tile

Although large hexagon and honeycomb patterns can look great everywhere, they look especially attractive on the floor. Larger patterns on the floor give the room a sense of spaciousness that can be very helpful in a small space like the bathroom.

Top Tile Trend Spring

For example, the Gazzini Metal Art Esagono Intarsio in grey and black features a layered honeycomb pattern that makes an excellent selection for a neutral space, like a black and white bathroom. This pattern can also be used in conjunction with other patterns and textures to create a bold look, while keeping the color scheme minimal to accentuate the tile shape.

Ever-So-Simple Subway Tile

Subway tile is elegant and simple, which may be why they’re becoming so popular right now. Subway tiles have been around for a while, but still provide the perfect piece to line your shower walls or backsplash. Subway tile comes in different colors to match your space, and will often fit a wide range of bathroom and kitchen designs.


As far as design goes, consider the sleek and classic marble, which is rising in popularity this spring. Marble subway tiles are versatile, make a statement in any climate, and can be paired with a variety of colors and designs in any room in your house. You can also incorporate the modern marble pattern in a countertop, and then balance the colors with a grey and white subway tile.

Take Tile to the Top


Like the look of a specific tile, but want something a little more unique for your space? Place your tiles vertically up the wall. You can do this covering a full wall, within a small backsplash or even design an accent line. Vertical tile placement gives your room a lift and loftiness that elongates the space and makes it seem larger. If you’re not interested in vertical tile placement, there are many other tile formations that can make your bathroom, mudroom or kitchen attractive.

Great Grout

Feel free to play with grout colors. Lighter grout colors are more common, but they do need additional cleaning to prevent the grout from becoming stained. For a low-maintenance tile, consider a medium or dark colored grout, which can also give a space a dignified feel. You can also switch up the traditional light-grout-light-tile look with a dark tile, showcasing a lighter or off-white grout. These simple modifications let you play with tile in a subtle way, ensuring your space’s longevity while also embracing the current trend.


Which Trends Should You Avoid?

Not all tile trends are great for your home upgrade. If you’re planning to sell your home soon (or ever), bathroom trends to avoid include all-white tile with all-white walls and super glossy finishes.

Think about a potential home buyer walking into your house, and look at your tile critically — you don’t want to pick something outlandish that may turn off people looking at your home in the future. Nowadays, a slight pop of color, funky tile shape or patterned accent is the perfect way to balance your bathroom and keep it in style for years to come. That said, you can try new things and experiment with bold tile! Just seek an expert’s advice, and don’t go too crazy without testing it out first, since tile is generally a more permanent piece within the home.

Get Started Today

This spring, make your bathroom or kitchen pop with a major tile upgrade. During your remodel, keep these tiles in mind:

  • Patterned geometric tiles add visual interest to the bathroom and kitchen.
  • Simple subway tiles are classic and attractive.
  • Vertical tile placement makes your bathroom or kitchen seem taller and roomier.
  • Lastly, don’t be afraid to play with grout color!

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