Blue Tile Color Spotlight

Blue Tile Color Spotlight

Former decades such as the 1950s embraced tile floors, wainscoting and backsplash colors that were pastel-soft like pinks, mints and light blues, while today’s homes boast bold splashes of color interwoven with a mixture of textures, styles and materials. Blue tile is the newest design trend brightening up homes across the nation. You can discover a wide range of blue tile hues for contemporary decors that provide a less intense mix of nuanced shades over highly saturated colors.

Here we explore 3 ways to incorporate blue tile into your home.


Remodel with blue bathroom tiles

Consider blue natural stone tile, like blue celeste, or blue macaubas for your bathroom tile remodel to incite the thoughts and feelings of a walk by the ocean shore or spending a lazy day on a quiet river canoe ride. Surround the bathroom shower and floor with blue tile for a refreshing oasis. You can lighten the atmosphere in your bathroom with a mixture of sky blue, cerulean and cobalt blue tile. Blue bathroom tiles can be used to create a color story that has a vibrant and energizing personality, and it can pair with a variety of other colors.

Instead of a complete bathroom remodel, blue tile can be the perfect answer for a refreshing look to an otherwise lackluster bathroom decor. Even on a budget, you can improve the look of your bathroom by choosing to upgrade one or two bathroom surfaces with blue tile, like the blue porcelain floor tile, or blue ceramic tile for the shower stall, around the vanity or lower wall sections.

Bathroom Tile

Renovate with blue tile backsplash

A kitchen renovation would not be complete without a truly wonderful color and material selection for the kitchen backsplash. While the main purpose of a backsplash is to protect the wall behind the sink from water damage, it has become a focal point in kitchen renovations. The bolder the backsplash, the better! That’s why blue tile backsplash has become the fastest growing trend in 2021. Here is where you can get creative with the tile pattern with popular ideas such as blue herringbone, blue pebble tiles, blue subway tile or blue glass mosaic tile.

If your kitchen features classical design choices for flooring and walls, then a deep, ocean blue tile backsplash can bring another level of beauty and elegance into the space. Be creative and have fun as you integrate a blue tile backsplash with your kitchen paint color, countertop material, lighting, fixtures and cabinetry.

Upgrade with blue porcelain floor tile

Whether it’s the kitchen, the foyer or the family room, blue porcelain floor tile is a great choice for adding a bit of beach house flair to your home. Since porcelain is a harder and more durable material choice over wood flooring, it makes sense to decorate high traffic areas. Other benefits of blue porcelain floor tile above and beyond the striking visual effect it will add to any room include:

  • Water-resistant for bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and mudrooms.
  • Easy maintenance with regular sweeping and occasional mopping with a little vinegar and dish soap.
  • Non-allergenic and is safe and suitable for those who suffer from allergies, asthma and other breathing problems.
  • A wide range of creative design patterns, stone-simulations and solid colors to meet any aesthetic.

A blue tile floor pattern can be used to cover an entire space, layout a traffic pattern or installed in hallways and foyers for a dramatic look. Your choice of blue tile appearances and textures are extensive – so have fun choosing the best blue tile look for your home.


  • Surround the bathroom shower and floor with blue tile for a refreshing oasis.
  • Choose from a wide range of muted, nuanced blue shades over highly saturated blue colors.
  • Blue tile can be the perfect answer to a dull, lackluster bathroom decor that needs updating.

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