Bring in the Sunshine with Yellow Tile

Bring in the Sunshine with Yellow Tile

Oftentimes, yellow tile can give a home an outdated look if it is not done properly. However, designers and homeowners alike have found ways to bring in a bright pop of yellow tile while keeping the home modern and stylish.

The vivid pallet of yellow tile naturally infuses a sunny, happy disposition and can immediately brighten a space. At Standard Tile, we’re proud to offer one of the largest selections of premium yellow tile. Let’s shine the spotlight on the already vivid yellow tile.


Infuse Style with Yellow Bathroom Tile

The bathroom is the perfect place in your home to add a vivid or toned-down injection of yellow tile. If you opt for the brighter iteration, the yellow tile can put you in a good mood for the rest of the day. On the other hand, different yellow hues can be used to create a one-of-a-kind space.

The perfect place to start is bathroom tile flooring. In addition to the unmistakable appeal, yellow bathroom tile is extremely functional and perfect for bathrooms:

  • Tile is water-resistant, which is an irreplaceable quality when dealing with the naturally wet and humid conditions associated with bathroom floors.
  • Tile is durable. High quality porcelain tile is nearly indestructible under normal use and is perfect for your house. It is also utilized in high traffic areas such as businesses, shopping malls.
  • Tile is extremely easy to clean. If there is a spill, it can be cleaned up without any damage. The nonporous nature of tile makes it resistant to stains, easy to clean and easy to maintain.

However, you don’t have to stop at the floor. You can continue breathing vivid life into your bathroom by choosing a solid yellow or patterned tile for the wall. On the other hand, a yellow tile mosaic backsplash is a perfect way to highlight your unique style and taste.


Try a Yellow Kitchen Tile Backsplash

Another place that yellow tile can look great is in the kitchen, especially a yellow kitchen tile backsplash. A yellow backsplash is the perfect way to brighten up dark spaces.

One common trend is to choose a solid color subway-style tile for the walls and go all out with a dynamic yellow tile backsplash in the kitchen. At the same time, a yellow tile backsplash in the kitchen with wall tile can truly show off dark wood cabinets.

If you have an island in your kitchen, you can also consider wrapping it with a stylish yellow tile for added flair. One of the companies that has great yellow tile is Their Kaleidoscope series is rich in color in a unique hand made look.

How to Make Yellow Tile Look Modern?

The yellow tile was a smash hit in previous decades. If you venture into any mid-century bathroom, you’re likely to find smile-inducing pastels tile like yellow, blue, green, and pink. Later in the 1950s, manufacturers began offering even brighter hues of yellow tile. While yellow tile is a natural shoo-in for creating a vintage bathroom or kitchen, you can use this dynamic shade to create a modern space.

Simply pair your yellow bathroom tile flooring or yellow kitchen tile flooring with more neutral shades. For example, grays and yellows can create an elegant, soft combination. In fact, yellow can be the perfect way to breathe light into a relatively drab color. One lookout is to avoid grays that have a brown undertone because they can evolve into a muddy-looking combo, which is usually undesirable.


Key Takeaways

  • Yellow is a perfect color for bathroom tile flooring, bathroom walls and backsplashes.
  • Tile boasts a number of attributes that make it the perfect material for bathrooms.
  • Using yellow tile in the kitchen can help you achieve the affordable no-demo reno look you desire.
  • While yellow tile is commonly associated with vintage, there are many ways to harness this vivid color to achieve a modern look.

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