Why Tile is the Best Flooring Option for Asthma and Allergies

Pet friendly floor | Standard Tile

Whether you’re an allergy sufferer or struggle with asthma, the idea of installing flooring that might exacerbate your condition is awful. Unfortunately, most people don’t know that many types of flooring can do just that. The good news is that hypoallergenic flooring options do exist. Below, we’ve outlined everything you need to know about the…

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The Best Indoor Tiles for Staying Cool in the Summer

Tiles | Standard Tile

With summer right around the corner you might already be thinking about the heat in your home. Keep reading to discover the best indoor tiles for staying cool. Spring is well underway, and while many of us are enjoying the warmer weather, you may be dreading the return of summer. There are few things worse…

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Tips for Subtly Incorporating Color into your Home

Kitchen white interior | Standard Tile

Contemporary interior decor will typically avoid the stark, minimalist and contrasting color themes found in modern home interiors. Instead, to achieve the look of a contemporary home, it is important to infuse areas with furnishings that are neutral with pops of color. A contemporary home is all about family comfort with a good mix of…

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Tips for Mixing and Matching Tile Styles

Tips for Mixing and Matching Tile Styles

Since the 11th century, tile has been used to create exciting architecture. At the start of its use, tile was mainly utilized in large churches, cathedrals and palaces in Europe. The original tile was called encaustic. Today’s tile, while manufactured differently, is durable and long-lasting. Home and business owners alike enjoy the flexibility of using…

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Interior Design Trends for 2022 & How to Achieve it with Tile

Rocky trails

Every year, trends change. New trends emerge and old trends slowly start to fade away. If you are looking to renovate or remodel your home, you may be looking for interior design trends of 2022. While there are numerous trends that are emerging, some of them pertain solely to tile, or you can use tile…

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How to Make your Powder Room Look Luxurious

Powder Room Look Luxurious

When guests visit your home, the powder room will be a room in your home that they’ll visit and spend time in. That is why it is so important to keep it looking luxurious and welcoming for any future guests. What is a Powder Room? Powder room refers to a small bathroom, typically for guests.…

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How to Add Pantone’s Color of the Year Very Peri in Your Home

Pantone’s Color of the Year Very Peri in Your Home

If you had to choose a color to represent the feeling of this very moment, what would you choose? Each year, Pantone has the honor of selecting the color that will appear in our marketing, homes, and lives for a full 365-days. This year, they have selected the unique Veri Peri, an energetic periwinkle blue.…

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How to Incorporate Penny Tile

Incorporate Penny Tile

Penny tile is recently making a comeback in home design. While “penny” floors were popular for a while that are made of pennies and epoxy, penny tile is entirely different. Penny tile is a small tile, about the size of a penny, that comes on a mesh backing in a variety of colors and designs.…

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How to Step Up an At-Home Bar

Home Bar

Many homeowners dream of having an elegant at-home bar to entertain guests. If you are designing an at-home bar area from the ground up in a new home, or just remodeling a current bar area that is out of date, it’s time to consider the best bar tile design ideas, and how they can elevate…

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Small Kitchen Renovation Tips

Bold backsplashes

When renovating a small kitchen, the goal is to not only create a smart and stylish space, but to also include as many kitchen conveniences as possible. Therefore, you’ll need to take advantage of every square foot and consider every opportunity to add visual excitement. Actually, small kitchen makeovers are ideal for adding small details…

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